Backpacks on our backs!

The children have been exploring to get ready for our Explorers Backpack event they have been dressing up in the safari hats and wearing the binoculars and looking for dinosaurs and bears before going on an adventure down to Pinkie School were lots of grown ups joined us to sing songs around the campfire. Each child then received their own special backpack and inside they found books and a writing board. There was also information about joining the local library and each time they go they will receive a badge to stick on their backpack. The children also brought in their own favourite storybook from home during our World Book Day celebrations and received a book token to spend on a new book. We also invited parents in to read to the children.dscf6065_edited-1

Tea, milk and sugar?

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were invited to the nursery for a Daffodil Tea. The children had made sandwiches and cakes to share with them and had the choice of tea or coffee. The children also enjoyed drawing spring pictures and the adults took part in a quiz. Before Christmas the children had planted daffodil bulbs which we sold at the tea and the money raised is  for Marie Curie – £177.98. Thankyou to everyone for their support and well done to the children for their hard work.dscf6089

Emergency 999

dscf6119The children have been learning about the role of the emergency services and how important their jobs are to us. We have had a visit from the local police officers who showed us their uniforms, which we were able to try on before going out to the playground to look at the police van, some children sat in the back while the sirens made a loud noise and the lights flashed. The children were able to role play in the garden afterwards in our own police van and station. Some children will be going to visit Musselburgh police station soon. We also had a hospital area set up in the nursery as some of the children had been to the Sick Kids hospital. They were able to dress up in the doctors or nurses uniform and look after the sick children. They also had a visit from PJ bear who lives at the Sick Kids hospital who told them all about what happens when they have to go into hospital.[rockyou 157049522]


This term we have celebrated a variety of cultural festivals starting with Burns Day when we had our annual Burns Supper. We enjoyed Scottish music and dance and practised speaking Scots for example “c’mon sit doon bairns”. February brought us St Valentines Day, Pancake Day and Chinese New Year and although we were on holiday on these days the children still learned a bit more about these celebrations. In March we have so far found out about St Patricks Day and St Davids Day and will soon be celebrating Easter.dscf5627

New Arrivals!

In January we had new babies sisters who came to visit us in nursery which to lead to lots of interest in babies. The children took good care of the babies in the house corner bathing them, dressing and feeding them. Later when the babies are alittle older we are hoping that they will be able to visit us again for a bath!dscf5676

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