Let’s Celebrate

Connor is enjoying the champ for snack.Over the last week we have celebrated Mother’s Day and St Patricks Day.

We have talked about what we do with our mummies and why we love them. We made a tree of love with all their interesting comments hanging from it. The children also made special gifts and cards to say Thank You to their mums for all their love and kindness.

St Patrick’s Day was celebrated with Irish Dancing, Champ for snack (mashed potatoes and scallions – spring onions). We learned about St Patrick and what he did for Ireland. We also heard the story of Finn MacCool and the baby. Finn was an Irish Giant who built the Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim. We performed this story through music and dance. This is a fantastic story which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Going Shopping

The children have been enjoying shopping at Levenhall Shop’. They have written their own shopping ‘wish’ list which included a bear, some oranges, bananas, socks and sweeties as a special treat. They have been learning about the role of the shop keeper, working the till and handling ‘money’. The prices are very reasonable – perhaps you should look in!

We have also played a shopping game where the children have to ‘read’ the shopping list and find the items on the shop floor. They are very good at finding the items for their shopping trolley.

Congratulations Dear Vampa!

The children at our nursery and throughout Scotland have been voting for their favourite story and the overall winner is ….. Dear Vampa by Ross Collins. A very funny story about living next door to vampires. The children had to listen to three stories Dear Vampa, Apple Pie ABC and Loon on the moon and vote for their favourite.

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