Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo

Some of our children visited Edinburgh Zoo to look at a different bird species. We saw rockhopper, gentoo and king penguins. We heard all about where they live, what they eat and how to look after their young. Back at nursery they were able to roleplay in the water tray using toy penguins and ice.

We then had a visit from Zoo Lab and learnt about animals from the rainforest. The children were able to hold a variety of creatures including giant snails, toads, cockroaches, stick insects and a very long snake. They were able to learn lots of facts about each animal for eg do you know cockroaches eat anything from glue to hair!

Responsible Citizens at Levenhall

our new bird feeding stationThe children have been helping to look atfer the birds that visit our garden. They went on a visit to Strawberry Corner to buy a new bird feeding station and they have been able to watch the birds from the window. They have been making birdcakes and filling the bird feeders with goodies for them to eat. We have taken part in the RSPB Big School Bird Watch and have e-mailed our results and we are now waiting to find out the most common birds that visit our gardens.

Welcome to 2009 The Year of the Ox

January has been a very busy month in the nursery – as usual! We have been celebrating Burns day with a variety of activities including taking part in the ‘Poetry and ‘a’ that!’ competition which

involved the children drawing a picture relating to Burns poems. We also enjoyed eating our Burns supper and

dancing to Scottish music.

We have also been celebrating ‘Chinese New Year’ where we learnt about a culture very different from our own. We had a chinese feast of rice, noodles and vegetable stir-fry then we danced along to the chinese music wearing our dragon and lion heads.

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