Mary,Mary quite contraty………

 How does your garden grow? The children have been using their green fingers to plant a variety of seeds, vegetables and plants at nursery. They have planted potatoes in the vegetable plot, beans in the planters as well as carrots and leeks. They have planted individual seeds in little pots to take home either sunflowers, marigolds or nasturtiums. On a visit to Strawberry Corner garden centre the children bought lots of lovely bedding plants to help make the nursery garden look beautiful and hopefully attract butterflies and bees. We have also been enjoying the taste of rhubarb which has been growing tall in the fruit garden.

Once upon a time ……….

Lots of stories to tell about World Book Day (Thursday 5th March) firstly we asked the children to bring in their favourite stories from home to go into the story corner and we read these to the children throughout the nursery session and at storytime. We also asked parents in to tell stories, as you can see from the picture Jamie’s mum Julie had a captive audience.

Some children went on a visit to Borders Bookstore and they bought books to bring back to nursery for the storycorners as well as having a storytelling session. We also had a visit from Elspeth Pandit, Bookstart Coordinator, who read a variety of stories to the children including one about a very grumpy cat.  Some children visited the library van which has arranged to visit the nursery once a fortnight on a Thursday and the children are able to choose books for the storycorner. Every child recieved a World Book Day voucher which can be put towards the cost of a book. Happy reading.

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