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P5/6 – Waffle Woman and Ingenious Inventor

It has been a phenomenally full fortnight in P5/6!

We have been receiving a bunch of letters from the Ingenious Inventor, if you are reading this, can you please stop being so cheeky! Thanks for all the Cog Credits, we have divided them evenly between the Class Companies… see the photos for proof!

We have finished our Waffle Woman song which is crazy! Some of us think we should make a music video and put it on YouTube, and we are going to get the final edit next week. It’s really catchy and easy to remember. Thanks for your help Alan!

World Book Day was last week, it was astonishing! Mr Drysdale was wearing a dress as Denise… the ‘Boy In The Dress’. We had Queen of Hearts, a Ninja, Darth Vader, Dennis the Menace, The Wolf, a Unicorn and lots of people in pyjamas in the class.

Maths/Numeracy – We have been looking at fractions, how they relate to other parts of the whole, equivalence in fractions and we also started looking at percentages and decimals.



A successful day in P5/6!

It was a huge day for P5/6! We participated in the P5-7 Christmas Enterprise Showcase in the afternoon, which all classes were fantastic in. We sang ’12 Days of Christmas’, and asked for donations for our Christmas crafts which were very popular!

Not only that, after weeks of work and learning… The igloo was complete! Just in time to share with parents who seemed pretty impressed with the hard work of the class. There are even some cool decorations inside, which makes it look like an igloo used by the stranded crew of The Endurance. Thank you so much to everyone who brought in bottles to the school. The igloo would never have been built without those who cleaned the bottles and brought in 1600 bottles!!!

A massive well done to everyone today from P5/6 for your hard work, and all the other classes in Second Level too


P5/6 Igloo is taking shape!

After quite a few setbacks outside in the Secret Garden, P5/6 have displayed lots of resilience and problem solving skills. In trying to replicate what the crew of the Endurance had to do to survive, we have combined resources, effort and brain power and moved to a different location to construct our igloo.

You can see from the photos that a lot of progress has been made by the class using new techniques to build up the bottles. It shouldn’t be too long until the structure is complete, and I am hoping it will be ready for parents  visiting for the Christmas Enterprise Showcase on Tuesday 20th December!

P5/6 News

P5/6 have had another busy week! We have been focussing on our journey on The Endurance. The diaries as crew members which pupils have produced have been fantastic so far. Some pupils have really got in to character and have written some brilliant imaginative personal responses. In numeracy, we have been looking at the relationship between multiplication and division, and the best way to group and share.

Our igloo is coming along too, bit by bit. We have been experimenting with different ways to secure the bottles… with some more successful than others! A massive thank you to the volunteers from the class who have been giving up 15 minutes of their lunch to build it.

Pupil comments:

“In science we are learning about displacement and buoyancy. We found that the water has nowhere to go but up or out.” – Lewis

“We popped balloons under water to see what happened between the air and water.” – Andrew

“After every event we write in our diaries. Lionel Greenstreet is my character.” – Abbi-Lee

“This week at rugby we played sharks and fishes. Afterwards we played mini-games.” – Sami

“We have also learnt about Scottish country dancing.” – Delia

What’s happening in P6/7

This week our topic of ‘Shackleton’ has come to a close. We have finished up by writing a detailed diary entry from the perspective of a crew member to include our all our thoughts and feelings about the journey! They were brilliant!!

Next week we will begin to look at the Christmas Story and explore it through RME, along with begin to create some Christmas crafts for our Enterprise event!

Miss Christie