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P5/6 News

Last week we had a great opportunity to celebrate success at the Scottish Assembly when Iona and Zubayr got certificates for their performances of Scottish poetry, with Iona reciting First Catch Your Haggis to the whole school. In addition to that, Kelsey performed her very own poem she had written in class and got great reviews!

The class have been taking a lot of ownership for their learning recently. They have done so well discussing what our learning looks like, and what they would like to learn about that we decided it would be cool to allow pupils to use their timetabling skills to plan Monday’s teaching! We discovered that it is quite challenging to get a balance of learning across the week, but I think they have done a good job for this Monday!

Sadly, it is time to bring down the igloo and start thinking about how we can recycle the hundreds of bottles we collected. It has been a lot quicker to bring it down than build it! The class have come up with some creative and original ideas, so watch this space.

Mr Drysdale