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Wider Achievements in P5/6

The final instalment of Wider Achievements from P5/6 this term!

Shannon McLean: Shannon went to Blair Drummond Safari Park at the weekend where she touched a meerkat and her dad said she wouldn’t  so she said she proved him wrong!

Carys Friend: Carys was at a Guide County camp ay the weekend and when she was kayaking she accepted the challenge to be the first one to get up and go to the front of the boat to put her head in the water. It was called ‘Finding Dory!’, except when she did this, she fell in! Sounds fun!

Aaron McIntyre: Aaron successfully completed a season with Musselburgh Windsor. Well done!

Holly Harkins: Holly is going to Hillend today to go snow-tubing for leaving her Brownies and going to Guides!

Keira Scott and Sara Pearson: the girls were dancing at the school fair at the weekend, well done!

Have a good week everyone! P5/6


Wider Achievements and news in P5/6

Wider achievements this week in P5/6:

Carys Friend: yesterday her cousin was teaching her how to do a round off on a trampoline and she managed to do it. Well done!

Emma Hamilton: Emma was very brave and got her ears pierced for a party at the weekend!

David Anderson: David made a route in his garden for the ball to travel. He managed to get it in to the end point which was the bike box.

Harry Glasgow: Harry had a football festival with Preston Athletic and got more than 10 assists In 5 games. Well done!

Molly Grant: Got over her fear of heights as she had to climb a ladder to get to Shannon’s room when staying at her house at the weekend. Well done!

Keira Scott: On Saturday Keira was at the Leith Gala and was dancing. She also went on the frog ride which she normally doesn’t go on as she is afraid of heights so she was proud of herself.

Katie McLean: Tilly in P3 helped Katie to do a backflip!

Shannon McLean: Shannon did motorbike racing with her dad and came in 3rd or 4th.

Aaron McIntyre: His football team Musselburgh Windsor won their last game of the season 5-1. Well done!

Have a good week! Remember Reading is Braw diaries to be brought in some time this week!


Wider Achievements and News in P5/6!

Wider Achievements for this week:

Aaron McIntyre: At a football tournament on Saturday his team won one, lost one and drew one. His manager said his team played very well. Well done!

Harry Glasgow: At Ratho climbing centre at the weekend Harry managed to get to the top of a really high climbing wall. Well done!

This week in P5/6:

Maths: we have moved on to using the formula to find the volume of a cuboid.

Number: Addition and subtraction sums which have more than one step.

IDL: Finishing off our Riding of the Marches topic and learning a bit more about Nelson Mandela after P5/6 were so interested in him from having South Africa as our Olympic country.

Reading Skills: Completing some more Making Thinking Visible Routines for Abomination.

Writing: Writing a diary entry.

We hope you have a good week! Remember Riding of the Marches Exhibition is on Thursday and the P5/6 slot is 2.50-3.10pm.


Wider Achievements in P5/6

This weeks wider achievements are as follows:

Carys, Amber, Katie and Keiran: They all go to the guides and boys brigade and broke a new world record for felted stones at the weekend. They created a horse shape for the Riding of the Marches with these on the links next to the beach. Well done!!

Keira: Keira went to a dancing competition at the weekend for 16 and a half hours. She won a medal for her dance to Play that Sax.  Well done!!

Holly: Holly and 6 others from her brownies sang at her brownie leaders wedding at the weekend. Well done!

Aiden: Aiden bought a game on Friday and finished it on Saturday. Well done.

Keiran: Keiran is having a party at the beach as he is moving to the company section in Boys Brigade. Well done!

Aaron: Aaron got his first medal at skittles at the weekend. Well done!

Charlie: Charlie went on the Forth Belle at the weekend.

What is happening this week in P5/6?

Number: we are continuing to work on algebra.

Maths: We are now moving on to looking at the volume of solid shapes.

IDL: Finishing off work on the Riding of the Marches as well as looking at the 2016 Rio Olympics as part of Health Week.

Writing: creating a poster for the Rio Olympics as part of health week for a competition within the school.

We hope everyone has a good week!