News4U Episode 19 – Judo and New York

Hi – glad to be back. We have a lot to tell you about. Our roving reporters met Jordan who came to school to show us judo. We are also proud to say we recorded Holly’s New York diaries which feature our actor’s American accents. It’s a long listen but well worth it this week.

Every week it is a brilliant team effort. Different people do different jobs. Writing, reading , displaying the script and recording it.

(Not many people realise this podcast is usually recorded over a single 45 minute lunch time. It is a remarkable achievement says Mr Smith. Especially when everyone manages to eat their lunch and leave no crumbs or rubbish.)



News4 Episode 18

So pleased to see Heather Paul is the Citizen of the Year awarded by the Musselburgh and Inveresk Community Council.  Heather is our constant gardener and we caught up with her in the sheds this week to ask about this award.

We also have another little treat for you. Holly went to New York and kept a diary . We are going to be recording a special programme soon. In the meanwhile, can you guess who our New Yorker narrator is?



News4U Episode 17 – An Enormous Easter Egg

This week we had a special treat as we interviewed Mrs Di Rollo about the enormous Easter Egg which is in her shop window. It’s not for sale but it’s in a raffle for a good cause. Mr Smith has bought a ticket and promises to share it with everyone if he wins!

And for all you culture vultures out there; we have an update on ‘what’s hot and what’s not’.

We will be on holiday for a couple of weeks – so enjoy the break and we will see you when we are back.

News4U Episode 15

This week’s News4U is all about a visit to meet the digital ninjas of Ormiston Primary School, the ‘Your Choice Your Voice ‘ competition and the first East Lothian Youth Summit. This is our first podcast since we were all covered in snow and we have had to do a bit of catching up. We hope you did not miss us too much.
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