The last episode of News4U this academic year

Now the end is near. The News4U crew recorded our last podcast. We had the podders of the year there; Karen, Holly, Katie and Emma. It was emotional – we wanted to share the rules of the pod and also who we wanted to thank for our amazing stay at Pinkie.

It is a personal pod and we know we left the pod in safe hands.

So, from us, for the last time, thanks for listening.

News4U Episode 21

Welcome back to News4U. While we have been away, the usual P7 crew have been ‘transitioned’ and P6 are now P7 in pod terms. So, there have been some changes. We also said goodbye to Mr McManus, our football coach. But we did interview him and got his thoughts about school and football. We also did a survey around the school about boys and girls football. We hope you enjoy it.