News4U Episode 9

The Lego Appeal

This week we talk to Mariyah and Faith from Miss Christie’s class about the Lego castle they want to build. They will need your help in getting as much Lego as possible in order to build a life sized castle. You will also hear the surprise as the News4U interviewers find out where this new castle will be constructed.

The Food Bank Appeal

We also interviewed Mrs Garvey about the Musselburgh Basics Bank , a food bank, which is run in partnership with Edinburgh City Mission. As a school and a community we are going to try and help them this Christmas. Listen to the report by Demi and Eva for details and also how to get in touch for more information.

( Note from the Pod…it might interest some listeners to know that this week’s podcast was produced by Katie. This means she ensured different pupils were writers, recorders and presenters. She allocated the interviewers too. Everyone played a vital part. Brilliantly.)

News4U visits the Arctic Circle Forum

Some of our followers on Twitter will know that the News4U Podcast Group was invited by  Nordic Horizons to ask some questions of a group of important people coming to  the Arctic Circle Forum. We made a film which you can see here.

They were so pleased with it , they asked us to come and help them at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. So we came along on two days, we saw Nicola Sturgeon ( she left before we could interview her ) . We recorded lots of interviews with all sorts of people; professors, authors, people from WWF, Icelanders, Greenlanders, Sami and even architects. It was a great learning experience, we learnt about global warming, the Arctic and how other people live.  We took lots of pictures and tweeted. The Scottish Government re-tweeted us. We are also grateful for Mary and Stephen our parent helpers.


News4U – Episode 7

This week we talk to a new star who is going to be in this year’s panto at the Brunton. Her mum wrote to Mrs Ogden and sent us a piece from the newspaper all about it. We had to find out more. It’s Holly from P5b and she talked to News4U about being an actor.

P7 went to the Poppy Factory and we hear all about it from Iona and Laurie.

Thanks again for listening.