P7b’s Robert Burns Lego Art

Congratulations to all Poetry recital winners! Hadyn was the winner from P7b! She clearly worked hard on learning the words to Robert Burns ‘To a Mouse’ and gave a confident and entertaining recital!

We have also completed our Robert Burns art – we turned Robert Burns into a Lego figure and used the graphic technique of pixilation as inspiration as we painted! We had to create different shades of colours, adding black, white and mixing colours together to make new ones. We took our time, and we are glad we did because the results look effective –  We think he looks pretty cool! Have a look at some!

Have a great holiday everyone!!


Learning in P4a

Here is what we have been learning in P4a this week. We would love to hear your feedback so please leave a comment on the post and we can read it when we come to school!

‘We have been writing about a haunted house we were using adjectives to help us describe the house’ Finlay
‘We learned about the purpose of a thesaurus and used it to find the adjectives and find alternative words’ Phoenix

‘In numeracy we have been rounding to the nearest 10’ Liam
‘We have been using numberlines to jump and help us reach the answer’ Robbie

Health and Wellbeing
‘In health and wellbeing we have been learning about Big Deal Little Deal’ Taylor
‘We started HWB wheels which show different scenarios and decided if they were a big deal or a little deal’ Amy

‘We were learning about solids, liquids and gases and we made molecules out of playdoh’ Kyle
‘The solids are tightly packed together and there is no space to move so they keep their shape’ Kayla

5A’s Secret Garden Secret Experiment

“Yesterday  we went to the secret garden. It was to find out the best filter for cleaning water. The first was charcoal and that didn’t go very well. The next was gravel which wasn’t too successful either. The last was sand which was better, but didn’t go as we expected in our hypothesis.” – Jayden

“The materials might have been too dirty, so that might be why it didn’t work as well.” – Emma

“Last week we focussed on poetry and Caitlyn and Maja represented the class to go down to Mrs Ogden and Mrs Rae”. – Elli

Learning in P4B

This week we have been continuing our learning with Harry Potter and have related it to our work in science – creating potions using dissolving, have jelly races and looking at a ‘magical snake’ appearing from the fire.

‘We needed sand and a blowtorch to make a snake rise from the fire with Mr Hogben’ Thomas

‘We were drawing a picture of Harry Potter using the description from the book. He has messy hair, broken glasses and a scar’ Kai

‘ We have been looking at scripts. The person who tells the story is the narrator. I got a certificate for my reading’ Ethan

‘ We have continued grid references with bibs with numbers and letters. I learned how to use a grid reference and we had races to reach a point outside.’ Eli

‘ We have been doing some more music with Conor and Stewart and we have been learning some Scottish Country Dancing with Mr Barrie’ Megan