Learning in P4B

This week we have been continuing our learning with Harry Potter and have related it to our work in science – creating potions using dissolving, have jelly races and looking at a ‘magical snake’ appearing from the fire.

‘We needed sand and a blowtorch to make a snake rise from the fire with Mr Hogben’ Thomas

‘We were drawing a picture of Harry Potter using the description from the book. He has messy hair, broken glasses and a scar’ Kai

‘ We have been looking at scripts. The person who tells the story is the narrator. I got a certificate for my reading’ Ethan

‘ We have continued grid references with bibs with numbers and letters. I learned how to use a grid reference and we had races to reach a point outside.’ Eli

‘ We have been doing some more music with Conor and Stewart and we have been learning some Scottish Country Dancing with Mr Barrie’ Megan

What are the secrets behind P5A’s learning?

Here are the secrets behind all the great work in P5A….

Our topic is Healthy Bodies and Healthy Diet and we are making a scrumptious Tuckshop… – David

We put an egg in to a tub with liquid and waited 7 days. Mostly all egg shells changed but none cracked. Some eggs had bacteria on it. We were using eggs to simulate the enamel on your tooth. – Aiden B and Aidan Mc

When we were looking at everyone else’s experiments Mr Drysdale got us to pretend to be Victorian people at a Science Fair! – Emma

Every week we do cursive handwriting, and this week we learnt letter r and n. – Lexi

We have been solving problems with our buddies in P3A. – Connie

We had to get everyone across the lily-pads without touching the floor. We used control, balance, teamwork and co-ordination. – Isla and Maja.

Every Friday we do P.E and we are learning about hockey and playing games. Today we were doing 3 vs 3 and there was no one in goals. – Paton

What a busy week, check out the photos!




P5/6 design and problem solving solutions

P5/6 were great at identifying the technology, design and problem solving skills they put to use in two tasks as part of their learning this week. It all ties in to our John Muir Award too which we are close to completing. The class thought it was a good idea to build bird boxes for around the school grounds so got to work planning, preparing and building unique designs.

Ellis came up with the great suggestion to use grass cuttings from our garden to add to the boxes along with sticks and other things we had gathered around the area. As you can see… they all look great!

The class also designed their own unique water catchers in small groups. They did it quickly and efficiently and we went down to the burn to test them out. Some turned out more successful than others, but we all certainly learnt something through the task. We have collected dirty looking water from the burn in the grounds and the next step is to try and filter it somehow…. I am sure the class are more than capable of coming up with a solution next week!

Fun Friday for P5/6

We have had an amazing time planning and performing our assembly  to the school and to all the teachers, parents and classes. It has took us about 2 or 3 weeks to plan so we hope you enjoyed our assembly!

We done two outdoor sports for P.E after the assembly. One was tennis the other one was club golf. It was a lot of fun and we all loved it. In golf we done chipping and putting onto the targets and into the hoops. In tennis we were doing rallying the ball back and forward bouncing and trapping the ball.

Written by Andrew, Callum and Jason

I would just like to say how proud and impressed I am with the class. We had only a week to write a script as a class, prepare a film and a whole assembly and the class were brilliant at taking responsibility and putting on  a performance. Well done! (Mr Drysdale)

Have a look at some photos from our fantastic Friday…




P5/6 – judo, angles and exploration!

It has been such a busy week  for P5/6 with lots and lots of learning crammed in too!

We had Judo on Wednesday which was great fun and had a chance to try out a new activity for most of the class in a fun way, and also test our resilience whilst competing against friends.

‘ Marv the instructor was hilarious.’ – Harlie

‘We were doing floorwork like holding down your partner and making a count.’ – Ellis

In maths we have been learning about angles, names of angles and how to measure to degrees. We went outside to draw our own 360 degrees circle and angles within it.

‘Acute, obtuse and right-angles are the names which tell us the types of angles we know so far.’ – Charlie

We have explored all sections of our school woods as part of our John Muir Award.

‘We are learning more about nature’ – Jack

‘The woods were  a mess because of litter.’ – Sami

We are going to put in to action our next steps as part of the award and will share some news at the assembly.

Lee thinks the word ‘juangleration’ sums up our week nicely!