P5/6 – Waffle Woman and Ingenious Inventor

It has been a phenomenally full fortnight in P5/6!

We have been receiving a bunch of letters from the Ingenious Inventor, if you are reading this, can you please stop being so cheeky! Thanks for all the Cog Credits, we have divided them evenly between the Class Companies… see the photos for proof!

We have finished our Waffle Woman song which is crazy! Some of us think we should make a music video and put it on YouTube, and we are going to get the final edit next week. It’s really catchy and easy to remember. Thanks for your help Alan!

World Book Day was last week, it was astonishing! Mr Drysdale was wearing a dress as Denise… the ‘Boy In The Dress’. We had Queen of Hearts, a Ninja, Darth Vader, Dennis the Menace, The Wolf, a Unicorn and lots of people in pyjamas in the class.

Maths/Numeracy – We have been looking at fractions, how they relate to other parts of the whole, equivalence in fractions and we also started looking at percentages and decimals.



P6 Outdoor Learning – Maths

P6 have had a brilliant (but chilly) first experience of Outdoor Maths. We explored angles in and around our community, properties of shapes and plotting points using grid references on a human graph. Please have a look at us in action and leave a comment so we know what you think.

Could we please encourage all children to bring a warm jacket to school and some cosy shoes/boots that will stop our feet getting wet. Waterproofs are available at school for children to borrow.

P6 will also have Rugby Taster Sessions in preparation for a festival, so a bag of outdoor P.E kit would also keep children included and warm!

Pinkie Bear – P7 Fundraiser

As most of you will know, we have had a new pupil join us in P7 this term.  He goes by the name of ‘Pinkie Bear’ and has helped P7B in their writing. We are looking to find a loving and caring home for Pinkie Bear as the P7s will soon be leaving.  In order to help us have a fantastic end of term celebration we are running a Guess the Bear’s birthday throughout the school.  We still have lots of dates available so if you would like the chance of winning Pinkie Bear, please help us raise some funds for our outing.

As it is our last week, we are offering 2 guesses for £1!!

Winner will be announced on Friday!

We really appreciate it,


P.S Pinkie Bear has been helping around the school, check out our pictures!



P4/5 Zoolab

On Monday a man called Anthony came in with lots of animals.  We had great fun learning about some of the rainforest animals and how they survive.

He had 5 animals that we saw.

We got to hold or feel most of the animals.  The snake called Chloe was our favourite animal to touch. It was a rainbow boa.  We learned that it uses taste to figure out if something is food or not.

There was a cockroach who was named after a celebrity.  It can eat anything apart from glass and metal.

The tarantula was venomous and the frog was poisonous but we did not touch them.  We learned that when the tarantula is scared it shakes itself and hair comes off of it. If this happens you could be blinded for up to a couple of days and it can make your skin really itchy.    The frog needed to be given  lots of water to keep it hydrated. It’s skin is poisonous.

By P4/5