Benmore Day 2

Evening everyone!

It has been a brilliant jam packed day in Benmore! It has included gorge walking (up several slippery waterfalls), mountain biking, climbing in and outdoors, kayaking, forest exploring and a scavenger hunt.

There are certainly a few more sleepy heads as the day out on the hills and lochs has taken up a lot energy.

Here a few photos to give you an idea of the fun and learning.



P5a Engineering Experience

P5a have been working so hard on their survival topic. This week their challenge was to solve an engineering problem by using only a set amount of scavenged materials. The groups had to apply learning from last week, and use LOTS of problem solving skills to try and only use wind power to lift an object from below ground level. It was very tricky, but everyone made adaptations and knew what to do if they had another crack at it. Check out the photos to get an idea of how they got on.

Not only that, the whole class wrote some pretty spectacular imaginative pieces this week about a character who encountered a dilemma. The descriptive language on show in some pieces of writing made it feel like you were there!

Enjoy your February break!

-Mr Drysdale

“We were in our survival groups using only lollipop sticks, a cup, black sheet of card, square of cardboard, 5 paper straws and a spindle and wheel and string and scissors and tape.” – Daryl

“To plan we had one draft, our partners draft and then the team leader decided which to do” – Abbie

“We had different roles to help us contribute better. The first was team leader, second was resources manager, the third was role monitor and the last was the plan perfectionist.” – Emma.