Play on Pedals

Yesterday we launched our ‘Play on Pedals’ programme with some of the morning  children. W e were learning about bike safety and how important it was to always wear a correctly fitted helmet. We were also learning about the importance of being able to stop (by using the brake) when needed. We had fun riding the balance bikes and are looking forward to our next session.

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Play on Pedals Training provides the learning, skills and resources to promote cycling to early years children in a fun and interactive way. Initially sponsored by the Peoples’ Postcode Lottery, the project was created in partnership between Play Scotland, Glasgow Bike Station, CTC – the national cycling charity and Cycling Scotland.

Your child will learn about the parts of a bicycle, how to fit a helmet correctly and the basics of looking after their bikes. Through a series of fun and imaginative activities, they will be helped to develop their balance and control skills, often using a pedal-less balance bike.

When ready your child will get the opportunity to move onto a pedal bike. All sessions and games are designed to support confidence, interactive learning and development physical skills.

Hope to see you at one of our sessions!


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