Nursery in March

The boys and girls have been very busy in nursery this session. Our bulbs are starting to bloom and we have been tidying up our little garden patch. Whilst digging we found this long wriggly worm. This means our soil will be good for planting.Some have been trying out their own experiments (in the sand) to see if the seeds will grow.

The morning children have been busy building – houses, dens, ships and cars. They have been working out how tall their creations should be and what they need to use to make it. The builders are in discussion outside the cabin to see what work needs to done.

The pirates have also been in the nursery garden and some treasure has been found. We have been counting how many gold coins we have found before we put them in the treasure boxes.

Inside the children have been thinking about the different animals on the farm and where they live. Enclosures have been made for them to sleep in.