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Team football…… Goal

The children have been learning about the different skills involved when playing football – the importance of teamwork, listening to instructions, taking part in a range of games including Pirates, Crabs and Giants. They have been working towards improving their physical skills and being the best that they can be. We would like to thank head coach Scott and his assistant coaches Brad and Alex for working with the children during these fun sessions.

Paint a picture…..

The nursery children took part in the Tesco Bank art competition and painted a great collection of creepy crawlies and slimy things. We were very lucky to have a second prize winner in the nursery category. He was able to view his painting on the gallery wall during a visit to Edinburgh National Art Gallery where he received his certificate and a copy of his painting. Please visit this free exhibition during the summer holidays. We also held a gallery viewing back at the nursery with all the children’s paintings for the parents and carers to view and we enjoyed having all the classes from the school come to view the gallery and they left us some very positive comments.

Walking in our wellies…..




While playing outside in the garden the children noticed that the leaves had changed colour and some had fallen off the tree onto the ground. We collected up the leaves and looked at the different colours red, brown, yellow and orange and talked about the change in the seasons and it is now Autumn time. When we were walking around in the garden with our boots on we noticed that they made patterns in the mud so we put paint into trays, stepped in with old wellies and made patterns on the paper.



When eating oranges for snack one of the children noticed that it was very juicy and said she liked drinking orange juice and asked if we could have some to drink. We put oranges on the shopping list so that we could make our own juice. Each child squeezed their piece of orange on a juicer to make all the juice come out, then they poured it into a cup and then drank up the very tasty juice. After snack they listened to the story of Handa’s Surprise and tried to carry they oranges on their head just like Handa.



What’s baking?

The children have been learning about crops growing in the farmer’s field and that we get flour from the wheat. They used the flour when making scones for snack, firstly they had to weigh out the correct amount of flour using the scales then mix in the other ingredients. When the mixture was made into a dough the children used their hands to knead the dough then rolling pins to roll out the dough and cutters to make round shapes. When placed on the baking trays they brushed the top of the scones with milk to turn golden brown in the hot oven. We tidied up while we waited for the scones to cook and set the table ready for snack. The children had the scones with jam and butter and they tasted yummy. Good baking girls well done.DSCF0733DSCF0726

Making friends……..

We have had lots of new children starting at nursery this term. They are all settling in well and beginning to make friends. They are enjoying playing inside and outside and because the weather has been so good we have been able to spend lots of time outdoors. We have been building dens and going on lots of pretend journeys.

If you go down into the woods today……

A group of ten children have been spending time in the woods engaging in nature, nurture play. The children walk from the nursery and they have made maps recording interesting features we have found so that we can find our way to the woods eg we have to pass the tree with the ivy growing on it, pass the racecourse and jump in the puddles before we arrive at the woods. In the woods we gather for our ‘hello’ song and have our snack before they have time to explore the environment. The children have enjoyed climbing trees and rocks, finding snails and other insects and swinging each other in the hammock. We then gather together at the end and they can choose the happy or sad spoon to express how they felt about their play session. We tidy up and put on our backpacks and walk back to nursery, jumping in lots of puddles on the way. We hope to discover more about the environment as we play and take care of nature and of each other.

1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish………

The children have been creating their very own masterpieces of artwork for the Tesco Bank Art Competition. This years theme was ‘fish’. They spent time looking at pictures of fish, reading stories about fish and singing fish songs before designing their own pictures. Lots of children painted bright colourful fish swimming in the sea or catching fish on a rod or eating a fish for their tea. We have sent the pictures to the gallery and we will have to wait and see if any of the children win a prize, although we know that it is the taking part that is important.