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Congratulations Callum!

DSCF4452 Congratulations to Callum who was awarded a Special Merit for his painting of a Hammerhead shark in the Tesco’s Art Competion for Schools. Callum visited the National Art Gallery and was presented with his award. There were over 7000 entries from young people in Nursery to S2. The winning entries will be on display in Edinburgh until October and will then go on to Greenock and Paisley. These paintings will be seen by thousands of visitors from around the world. DSCF4463-001

Congratulations to everyone who entered this competition.

Busy, Busy, Busy

The nursery children have been extremely busy since our last post. Our tadpoles are developing well and looking very strong in the pond. Most of them have back legs now and on Monday we found a froglet. We were very excited about it.DSCF4423

We also observed changes in our ladybird larvae and caterpillars. The children wondered “why the ‘ladybirds’ were just little bugs” (larvae) to start with. As the days went on they realised that they too start as one thing and change to another. Once they had changed completely we released them into the garden, on a branch covered in aphids, because we learned that was what they liked to eat!DSCF4346


Our afternoon children have patiently waited for the caterpillars to transform. They observed all stages from caterpillar to chrysalis and finally the painted lady butterflies emerging. They pointed out the stages using the life cycle resources noting similarities and differences. Well done! The butterflies were also released into the garden.

It’s hard to believe that the time has come for our pre school children to visit their schools. We have visited Pinkie St. Peters for music, Basic Moves and to meet the Primary 1 teachers. The children who will be going to Wallyford, Burgh and Loretto have also been to visit their own schools. They have all been very excited and settled well in the classroom structure. DSCF4217

The Queen’s Baton Relay took place on Tuesday and we all went to Musselburgh Racecourse to cheer on the Baton Bearer. We made some Scotland (Saltire) flags and cheered everyone on, Rachel Cameron, the Police Team, ‘Clyde’ (The Commonwealth Games Mascot), everyone who was involved in making the event run smoothly and even some cyclists who passed by at the time. Karen’s husband Phil was nominated to be a Baton Bearer and was picking up the Baton in Church Street, Tranent. Congratulations Phil! Two of the nursery children met Phil at the Commonwealth Games Celebration in the Brunton Hall.DSCF0438


Five Little Speckled Frogs

The children are developing our nursery pond and are putting in some special pond plants.
The children are developing our nursery pond and are putting in some special pond plants.

“Our pond is a round shape. It has tadpoles in it. We had to wait a while before we could put them in. Just now they are only little tadpoles because frogs don’t just grow right away. They get their back legs first, then they get their front legs. Then they start to get their face and then they grow into frogs. They will start to go ‘ribbit, ribbit’. They catch flies with their tongue and they go ‘Mmm, Mmm, Aaah’.” (Lucy aged 4)

Put on your dancing shoes and dance, dance, dance!

The morning children have been trying some new dance moves at the Musselburgh East Community Learning Centre. Creative Dance provides opportunities for the children to explore moving their bodies in different ways to a variety of music genre. By choosing ways of moving around and creating various shapes with their bodies they are developing muscle and motor control, becoming aware of space and how their bodies work and beginning to understand that being active in dance is a healthy way to be. As they have progressed over the weeks their listening skills and ability to follow instructions has increased and we have put together a dance routine which they all enjoyed.

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World Book Day, 2014

DSCF2514DSCF2557DSCF2558We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 6th March 2014. This is a great opportunity to foster a love of books and an enjoyment of reading in children (and adults). Our children brought some of their favourite story books to nursery to read throughout the week. The stories encouraged the children to talk about their experiences,share their knowledge with others and participate in a variety of different activities in the nursery. DSCF2588
We have made jelly and gingerbread men for snack and hope to have a friend visit with her spinning wheel soon (as the children had never seen one and did not know how it was used.) They were presented with a book to take home. We hope you enjoy sharing these stories with all the family. DSCF2508

Happy World Book Day
Happy World Book Day

Mix a pancake, stir a pancake!

Everyone is talking about ‘Pancake Day’. It is also known as Shrove Tuesday, the last day before the start of Lent. Lent is a time (leading up to Easter) when Christian people fast and ‘give up’ certain foods. It was a traditional custom on Shrove Tuesday to use up these things in the cupboard and pancakes were often made. Our children have been busy making pancakes in the nursery and had great fun trying to toss them and catch them!

Carefully adding the egg mixture to the flour to make the batter.
Carefully adding the egg mixture to the flour to make the batter.
We had a go at tossing the pancake.
We had a go at tossing the pancake.
Oops! We haven't quite got the hang of it.
Oops! We haven’t quite got the hang of it.

December Fun

December was very busy at Levenhall Nursery School. The children were making craft items to sell to help raise funds for resources. Thank you to everyone who bought Christmas crafts and calendars. We raised £359.00.

Some of the children visited Levenhall Nursing Home and sang beautifully to the residents. They were able to interact with the audience, who willingly sang along and played the bells with us.

Thank you to Pinkie St Peters, who invited us to watch their performance of ‘Hey Ewe’. The infant children were fantastic and had worked very hard to make it a success. It was great to see everyone.

The children enjoyed performing their own First Nativity to family and friends and gained great knowledge of the meaning of Christmas. We also had a fab visit from Zoolab. Tristan took on the role of some characters from the Nativity story and told us about different creatures that may have been around in the rivers, on the hillside, in the desert and in the stable. This gave us a bigger picture of the setting.

Finally, we had a great time at our Christmas Parties and Santa Claus (despite being very busy at this time of year) was able to visit us.

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Reading is Fun

As part of our Book Week Scotland Event we have had our Bookbug Pirate Gifting session. Pirate packs (funded by The Scottish Book Trust) were given out to our younger children so that they can read stories at home and develop early literacy skills and a love of reading.

We also read three fantastic stories and voted for our favourite for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards. These were: ‘The Paper Dolls’ by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb, ‘What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?’ by Debi Gliori, ‘Jumblebum The Monster who loves Mess!’ by Chae Strathie and Ben Hort. Ask your children which one was their favourite, they will tell you all about them!!

Thank you to everyone who purchased books from our ‘Bring and Buy’ Children’s Book Sale.

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Keeping ourselves safe!

As part of Road Safety Week the children have been telling us what they know about keeping safe when out and about. They know to stop, look and listen before crossing. They also know that they need to find somewhere safe to cross, for example the pedestrian crossing. They will soon tell you that cars must stop at the red light and we must stop when the ‘red man’ is showing. They know they can cross when the ‘green man’ is showing. We sang lots of songs to reinforce our safety message, made road scenes and all received a reflector sticker and a road safety book. Thank you to Road Safety Scotland for the production of the ‘Go Safe with Ziggy’ series.

Alan Graham, the School Crossing Patrol man, came to visit us at nursery to tell us about his job. He needs to make sure that it is safe for everyone to cross. He uses his ‘Lollypop Stick’ to let cars know they must slow down and stop because children are crossing.

PC Damien Hall also visited the nursery. He talked to the children about what Police Constables do. The police are our friends, they look after us and we can go to them for help. He talked about his uniform and the items he needs to have with him. His bright yellow jacket keeps him safe, especially in the evening because it has reflective strips which glow in the car headlights, and he can be seen. Just like our yellow jackets! He can also be found in a busy place when he wears his police hat.

Thank you to everyone who helped us with this very important topic.

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