Mary’s Diary Excerpt

I asked my S2 class to complete the following task this morning after having watched this video and discussed fossil fuels.

Write a short story set in a world after fossil fuels have run out…

In about 25 minutes Lucy & Sarah came up with the following.

Mary’s Diary Excerpt

20th January 2114

Dear Diary,

Today was another depressing day. No food, no power, no transport and no fun or games. Ever since fossil fuels ran out, life’s never been the same. Its depressing, cold and dark. Our school busses have been stopped and it takes an hour to walk, although sometimes I cycle or take a shortcut.

At school now, all we do is write. There is no power to work the computers. My mum and dad struggle to get to work in Edinburgh.

A few ideas have come up about making electronic cars. We have a water powered car, but ever since one blew up, everyone is terrified to drive them.

The shops are running out of stock but we still have soup that we can cook in the microwave. Lorries are struggling to get to shops because of the water power car scare. At school, we have a farm in the garden where sixth years grow stock and give it to the local shops and the canteen.

No one can get jobs unless its in the teaching or farming industries. I am in my last year at school and I really wanted to become a hairdresser but no one can afford it. My mum just came into my room to tell me that her and my dad have got new jobs as Car salesmen and women. China has just shipped 3,000 electronic cars to Edinburgh alone.

Could the UK be on the uprise again?

I will write to you tomorrow!