Degree Show Success

The Art and Design department would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following former pupils on their success at this years University of Dundee degree show ( Pupils have progressed on to study in a variety of disciplines and have worked hard to reach their potential. They are a credit to the school. Examples of their work can be viewed at the sites listed below.


Amanda Richardson (class of 2005)
BA Graphic Design

Kirsten Lawson (class of 2005)
BA Illustration

Ryan McLeod (class of 2004)
BA Interactive Media Design

Working together Ryan McLeod and Ian Shiels have brought together their independent specialist skills to make a fantastic interactive video jockey installation. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to mix their own visuals and lighting show within a mini club in the exhibition space.

Ailsa Lawson (class of 2005)
BA Time Based Art and Digital Film
Ailsa Lawson’s taste for gore is manifested in her two-minute zombie flick “Dee Of The Dead”, which showcases her startling make-up effects and rekindles memories of 70s horror films like “Dawn Of The Dead”.

2 thoughts on “Degree Show Success

  1. Cheers! Love that PL has an arty website, J.B would be proud!
    Hope all the staff are doing well and not too despondent because they are no longer on holiday- Don’t stress Crammy, the seniors can’t possibly be as argumentative and lax about essays as we were!!
    Take Care,
    Ails x

  2. Ailsa! You made the PL website…Im so proud of you…I knew you would aspire to great things…and I see your work is as twisted as ever.I agree with your comment about current students being unable to stress crammy as much as we did……I loved higher art…i spent 2 months of it playing around with lego! I want to go back to school now 🙁


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