New PL Computing web sites!

There are now web sites for each of the areas of Computing available on Edubuzz to help with revision.  Use your pupil email login details to gain access to these sites.  Keep checking them regularly to make sure you have the most up to date resources.

iPhone/iPod App for studying SG Computing

If you fancy studying for your Standard Grade Computing exam on your iPhone or iPod then now you can!  A complete revision App has been developed for you to install on your iPod or iPhone.

How to get it

Load up iTunes, go to the iTunes Store, click on Applications and do a search for “studym8″ or “standard grade computing”.

How much does it cost?

£1.79 to download it.  You will also need to be running OS 3 or above on your iPod touch/iPhone (there might be a charge to update to this from an older v2 Operating System)

Miss Webster’s Classes – Work for Snow Days

Advanced Higher: Continue working on your projects and remember to continue revision for your NABs.

Higher: You should be revising for your Software Development NAB.  Remember you will be tested on both theory and practical work.  Use your notes and Scholar to help you with this.

Int 2: You should be revising for your Software Development NAB.  Remember it will include both theory and practical elements so make sure you revise both.  Use your notes and to help you with this.

S4:  You should be revising for your Prelim which will now be on Friday 10 December.  Revise all of your notes, use and practice past paper questions.  Past paper questions and marking schemes can be found on the SQA website.  Remember to search for Computing Studies.

S1 Challenge: We will be creating a web site for your radio station when we are next in class.  Do some research by looking at other radio station web sites.