Eco Team meeting minutes and Agenda for Tuesday 9th November

A meeting of the group was held on Monday 27th September 2010 at 1 15pm

Present: Mr Bell, Mrs Hogg , Miss Chadwick, Ashton Ritchie, Emma Ferrier, Courtney Ritchie, Carley McCann,

Apologies: Miss Nanson

Matters Arising:

1. We discussed what needs to be done to achieve a green flag. First an Environmental review needs to be done – Student members agreed to do it

2. A Curriculum audit has to be completed by all departments of the school – Mrs Hogg will speak to Mr Clark and ask for a slot in “In service” day

3. Litter is one of the nine topics for the Green flag and it is compulsory. We need to look at how to move this forward

Next Meeting will be on Tuesday 9th November 2010 at 1 15pm in the Fabric room.


  1. Environmental review All students
  2. Curriculum audit- Mrs Hogg
  3. Green bins: where to situate and how to empty – Miss Basillie
  4. Proposed zoo visit – Mr Bell
  5. Next litter pick – Mrs Hogg
  6. Working towards our green flag meeting – Mrs Hogg and Miss Basillie
  7. AOB

All Welcome

Eco team meeting

Following our fantastic success last year achieving the Eco schools Bronze and Silver award, this year we are setting our sites on gaining our first Green flag.

To do this we need lots of support from all budding eco warriers who want to make a difference in the school to improve our environment.

Our first meeting of this term is on Monday 27th September at 1 15 in the Fabric room in HE.

All new members are welcome. Come along and bring your lunch

Eco Team meeting

The next meeting of PL’s Eco team is on Thursday 21st January at 1 15 in the Fabric room in HE.

All new members will be welcome.


1. Presentation at Assembly

2. CDT Bird boxes

3. Reel Journeys competition run by Sustran

4. Date of next Eco team litter pick

5. Recruiting new members

Eco Team – Litter pick up

April is National Spring Clean month in Scotland and lots of groups are getting together to clean up an area near them to tidy up all the litter and rubbish.

Or school Eco Group have decided that the school grounds, local play area and streets around the school are in need of a makeover and we are having a litter pick up on Wednesday 29th April in the afternoon.


To help us with this, East Lothain Council are supplying us with litter grabbers, gloves and bags for all our rubbish collected.

You can do you bit for the environment by making sure your rubbish is put in a bin, whether it is in school or outside.

Remember: It’s our world – lets look after it !