Meeting Notes!

Meeting Notes: 27.09.10

  • New Members, we need new first years!
  • Now working towards Green Flag, what we need to do and how to do it. We need to look at litter as one of the three topics. We also need an environmental review and an action plan…
  • We should look at the school grounds as an environment as there is lots of life and not litter it etc.
  • LITTER! We need to put it in the bin
  • Curriculum Oddit
  • How does the environment fit into all the school subjects?

Meeting Notes

~s3 litter surveys after break and lunch showed that there is litter after lunch more than after break.

~video for sustrans competition is done but needs edited and will be sent of next week

~keep scotland tidy have been in touch and want us to do another litter pick in march or april or may

~breathing spaces have been in touch and are sending us free rowan trees

~pe/science garden is full of rubbish and we need to sort that out. more bins? litter pick? prefect duties to tell off people dropping litter?

~paper recycling bins need to be more organised so that people don’t chuck paper in the carpark etc. We need to have a working system so that when teachers’ bins get full there is an easy way to get it emptied

~should we have recycling bins in the corridor and dining hall so that more pupils recycle?