13 thoughts on “Former Pupil site

  1. As a former pupil of PL before the old building was burned down in 1967, (the year after I left !!) I look forward to the progress of this “Former Pupil site.”

  2. Hi,
    I was a pupil at PL from 1952-55
    Just wonder if anybody has any old class photos from
    Prestonpans Primary between 1945 and 1952. Also wonder how all the old pupils are doing.

    Yours Davie Watters

  3. As Janet Beatrice Souness I was a pupil at Preston Lodge from 1943 to 1948.
    I have Andrew H Miller Memorial Prize (1948).
    Iain Muir, Vancouver Island, Andrew H Miller Memorial Prize (1947) is visiting Scotland from October 18th to 24th. Good Luck with web, we still love our old school.

  4. I used to be a pupil at PL from 1990-1996, I still have fond memories from my days at PL and see that some of the teachers which helped shape my future are still there to forward their knowledge. The new website is really good and I look forward to viewing its progress in the future.

  5. Hey sorry got my date mix up i was at PL from 1991 to 95 so sixth yr crew left in 1997 for sorry for the mistake.

  6. Hey guys
    I was a pupil at PL from 1977-81. I’d be interested in catching up with fellow students from those years. Hope to hear from anyone out there in the big wide wide, and what old school photos you may have. Craig

  7. I arrived just after the great fire so had an extended holiday. I well remember the food and the heads choice of belts!

  8. I left PL in 1964. Is there any out there of my era? I would love to hear from you.

  9. I still bear the scars of Sykes (Hopalong) Ormiston (OMO) Mercer
    Holland(Dutch) Madem Butterfly

  10. Really enjoyed looking at this site seeing the school as it was also the sports pavilion remembering the tennis court fond memories of various teachers my goodness
    Wishing you well with future additions to the site
    Thank you