Photograph: Class 1B: 1944?

Thank you to Janet Johnston (nee Anderson) for providing this photo of Class 1b from 1944 (we think)

The pupils are:

Janet Anderson, Annie Mathieson, June Black, Mary Somerville, Jean Wylie, May Henderson, Mary Moir, Bettie Glasgow, Mary Burns, MAry Buchan, The MacKay “Twins” Margaret and Isobel?, Bettie Stewart, Alma and Cathy

The girl in the Trinity Academy  blazer is Eleanor Stanton ?

Do you recognise any others or know if any of these details are not quite correct – then get in touch.

One thought on “Photograph: Class 1B: 1944?

  1. Good to see the aphotos from Bretta Souness who wasa good friend during our time at PL during the mid to late 2940s.-(43-48)
    I moved to Canada in 1969 and I became involved in scientific business related to protecting the environment and still get involved in protecting our lakes and oceans from contaminants in waters being washed into storm drains
    and eventually into the seas.
    I remember fondly some of the staff of that era -people lie Miss porteous (AKA Puggy who I believe was one of the original staff when the previous PL was built near the railway station in 1924)
    Dougie Stenhouse Mr Bremner (Monky Latin/German)Rosemary Smith( French) and the most “imperious” member , Miss (MADAM) Smith who did her best to teach us to speak French as spoken in Paris
    I still keep in touch with news from the school with your news letter