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26th September 1924

Preston Lodge School was opened at 10am on Tuesday 23rd September by Dr D R Macdonald, Dunbar, Chairman of East Lothian Education Authority; Dr J Logan Ayre, Prestonpans, and Mr R D Robertson, Executive Officer were also present.   As the new buildings are not yet completed, the school began work in the U F Church, and Parish Church Halls, Prestonpans, together with a hut which had been erected in the playing-field East of the Parish Church Hall.  The following teachers were present at the opening:  John S W Boyle M A B Sc Ph D – Rector; Peter Gray M A – Principal English Master; R G Leishman M A B Sc – Principal Science Master; Miss J Smith M A – Modern Language Mistress; Wm Reid M A – Classical Master and Assistant in English; Miss M A Mitchell M A B Sc – Assistant in Mathematics and Science (Temporary Teacher appointed owing to inability of Miss Porteous to report for duty before 6th October.  The number of pupils enrolled to date is 151.
Number of pupils on roll to date is 188.

27th September 1924

At a meeting of staff held today, it was decided that teachers would wear academic gowns.

1st October 1924
The regular time-table was put into operation on Monday except for handwork and music, English or Mathematics being substituted.  As regards written home work, the rule is now laid down that in English and Mathematics, exercises are to be given for handing in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in other subjects on Tuesday and Thursday.

2nd October 1924
Mr Stewart H M I called this afternoon to discuss the question of ‘Preliminary Training’ for pupils intending to enter the teaching profession.  It was decided that it would be advisable not to make Preston Lodge a centre for this Preliminary Training until next session.

3rd October 1924
Mr Trewin H M Inspector called at the school to see the laboratory accommodation and the proposed Science Time-table.

6th October 1924
Miss Annie Porteous M A B Sc joined the staff today as Assistant Teacher of Mathematics and Science.

13th October 1924
The number of pupils on the register of the school is now 159.  Six pupils have this week transferred to Class I Secondary.  This will necessitate the splitting of Class I Secondary into two classes.

17th October 1924
Wood-work benches were received last night; from today the Primary School science laboratory will be available for Preston Lodge School on Friday 9am – 3.45pm.

21st October 1924
Dr Jamieson, Chief Inspector of Schools called this morning with his assistant, Mr Thomson.  They were greatly surprised at the size of the school, and insisted that no time should be lost in splitting Class I Secondary into two classes.  The purpose of Dr Jamieson’s visit was to see the school as a request had reached him for recognition as a Secondary School.

22nd October 1924
Miss Crawford H M I visited the school today to enquire about the instruction in needlework, cookery se.   She expressed the hope that it would be found possible to continue sewing throughout the first three years of the secondary course.

27th October 1924
Miss Dorothy Forsyth M A joined the staff today as an interim assistant in English and French, as Miss Elizabeth Guild M A who has been appointed assistant in English and French will be unable to come here for several weeks.

Attendance last week 95%

Mr A Prentice is appointed Art and Woodwork teacher at £160 per annum duties commencing from today.

31st October 1924
The new time-tables, rendered necessary by the splitting of Class I Secondary into two sections IA and IB, came into operation yesterday.

3rd November 1924
A bus service to convey pupils to Preston Lodge from Winton, Pencaitland and Ormiston began today.

7th November 1924
Twenty new pupils have enrolled at the school during the past week.  The number of pupils on the admission register is now 179.  Attention of teachers had to be drawn to the fact that sufficient care was not being exercised in the transferrring entries from First Instance Records to Registers of Daily Attendance.

11th November 1924
All pupils and members of staff attended a Memorial Service at the War Memorial at 11am today.  Rev Dr J Logan Ayre, Parish Minister, Prestonpans gave a short address “In grateful rememberance from Preston Lodge School.”   All Boy Scouts and Girl Guides attended in uniform.  A collection taken from the school on behalf of Earl Haig’s Fund realised £1:9:6 1/2.

13th November 1924
As there are now 34 pupils travelling daily from Ormiston and Pentcaitland district, the contractor is running two buses one from Ormiston and the other from Winton and Pencaitland.

19th November 1924
John W Johnston, 214 Sunnybank, Prestonpans took over the duties of Janitor from today.

22nd December 1924
A school party was held for classes II, III and IV in the Parish Church Hall today from 3.30 to 7pm. The arrangements were carried through under the supervision of Miss Smith. About 80 students were present.

24th December 1924
The school closed at 1.45pm today for the Christmas vacation. (What a late finish!)

21st December 1925
Owing to a heavy fall of snow the county roads are blocked and the attendance has fallen to 169. The Ormiston bus brought in 15 students, but the Pencaitland bus had to return empty as the road was completely blocked to traffic.

24th December 1930
School closed for Xmas vacation at 1.15pm, a double attendance being marked. Staff Dance held on Friday 19, Senior Students’ on Saturday 20 and 3rd year on Monday 22 December.

1st December 1933
Performance of The Merchant of Venice given in Gym by the Osiris Players. All students assembled in Gym at 1.30 and performance lasted till 4pm – a most successful experiment.

17th December 1943
At a meeting of the staff it was decided to institute a fund as a memorial to the late Rector, Mr Miller, to establish a prize to be called the Andrew H Miller Prize.

20th December 1943
Classes IV, V and VI held their annual party in the Gymnasium from 5.30 pm to 10 pm. (A long do!)

27th December 1944
A Former Students’ Dance was held in the school at which were present several FPs on leave from HM Forces. (Note the date – school events didn’t stop for the holidays!)

17th December 1946
The Literary and Debating Society presented two plays in two performances:
1. to school in afternoon and 2. to parents in the evening.

23th December 1948
School closed for Christmas vacation at 3.15pm. Mrs Hattan and Miss Fisher ceased duty, having resigned, Mrs Hattan for domestic reasons, Miss Fisher as she is soon to be married. (In those days women could not remain as teachers if they got married!)

20th December 1950
The school attended divine service (Carol Singing) in Preston Parish Church. Service was conducted by Rev. W Smith and Rev. Lawson.

15th December 1952
School attended divine service in Preston Parish Church. Service took the form of “Nine Carols and Nine Lessons” read by students

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  1. Talking of log books, has anyone got copies of the old “Preston Log” school magazine? Might be cool to scan them in and put them all online? I’ld love to see them again, especially the 75-76 year. (The one with Dougie Alan being eaten by a T-Rex in the Biology garden on the cover)

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