Severe Weather – Whats Happening?

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Surface pressure chart

What better way to revise the weather topic than having a look at the current weather maps for Scotland and the UK. Fronts, severe low pressure, severe gale force winds and heavy rain! What impact will it have? Schools shut early, transport links closed, damage to buildings, trees uprooted. Keep up with the latest developments by following the news or check out the following websites.

Met Office –
BBC News Live weather updates –

November – Where in the world?

  1. This country has 3 capitals. One is the judicial capital, another is the legislative capital and the last is the executive and de facto capital.
  2. This country has had a troubled past
  3. It is known as a Republic
  4. It has coastlines on both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans
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Class Eruptions!

Completing their volcano presentation in style Craig and Rory re-enacted the recent eruption of Mount Etna in class. Craig built the model volcano at home to add a finishing touch to their PowerPoint presentation. Well done to both boys – excellent work!

Aviemore field studies

With the autumn sun proving the weather forecasters wrong our recent trip to Aviemore went without a hitch with the advanced higher class completing a range of fieldwork tasks such as surveying, river flow rates, pebble size analysis, river cross section profiles and map work. Photos are available on flikr.

October – Where in the world?


This country  became independent from China in AD 938
Historically, the country has been an agricultural civilization based on wet rice cultivating.
It has a population of more than 85.8 million people

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