Inspire Competition! Winning entry.

Home Economics teachers were invited by ‘Grain’ to enter this new schools competition for the chance to win £500 and a day’s baking with Paul Hollywood. 

One of the five categories was ‘Baking for Celebration Events’. Teachers were asked to submit a single lesson plan which demonstrated this in action with pupils aged 11-14years.

At Preston Lodge we have used the context -Scottish Ceilidh – to link learning between Home Economics, Physical Education and Personal & Social Education under the curricular area of Health & Wellbeing ; within Curriculum for Excellence . This topic was chosen to give the opportunity to link all areas. HE – delivers food aspect, PE – Ceilidh Dancing/Social dance, PSE- Etiquette, planning, organisation for the actual event.

The entry was the Home Economics content; where pupils chose 5 Scottish Baking recipes to make in preparation for their Ceilidh. Choices were made from Scones, potato scones, drop scones, custard creams, gypsy creams, melting moments, shortbread, and highlanders. Pupils worked in groups to create their baked products, which were then frozen in preparation for the day of the Ceilidh.

Pupils enjoyed this experience so much the department is now offering an options course to offer in S3.

Mrs Nicoll will now attend the prize giving event in London on Friday 22nd June 2012 with one of the pupils involved in the lesson from S1/2, to collect the £500 and a baking demonstration from Paul Hollywood (Great British Bake off-chef).