National 5 Hospitality Practical cookery student support opportunity for all!

Calling all National 5 Hospitality Practical cookery students.

There is an opportunity being given on friday 28th March from 12 noon till 2pm for you to come along to the Home Economics department and observe the 3 final recipes being made. This is the only opportunity outwith class time.

Red Lentil & Vegetable Soup

Spiced Turkey with flatbreads

Berry Cream Towers

The final practical assessment (Course assessment)┬ásessions are arranged for Thursday 24th April to Tuesday 29th April (inclusive), morning and afternoon sessions. Ensure you know when your session is – notices are posted in the Home Economics department and your teacher shall also advise you.

You are also advised to practise your dishes during the Easter break as time is limited thereafter.

National 5 Hosptality Practical cookery Prelim

Notice of the forthcoming Practical Prelim for all students involved in this course. It will be completed in the normal class double period plus one more(either before or after – check with your class teacher).Starting week beginning 17th March & Monday 24th March.

Recipes are

Starter – Smoked Bacon Toasts

Main – Stir fry chicken with Noodles

Dessert – Peach & Coconut Gateau

All students have access to their recipes, take the opportunity to practise in advance to ensure confidence & completing within the allocated 2 hours 30 minutes.

Any questions – ensure you ask your class teacher in advance.