S1 Practical Assessment for all classes

S1 Recipe for use week beginning 12th January 2015

Broccoli Pasta Bake


75g Pasta Twists

2 Broccoli florets

25g Wholemeal breadcrumbs


25g Plain flour

25g Margarine

250mls Milk

50g Cheese

Salt and pepper


1. Put on oven at 220°C

2. Fill a large pot ½ full with cold water. Put the lid on and put on high heat on the back ring of hob to boil.

3. Once water is boiling put in pasta. Do not replace lid. Turn down to medium heat.

4. Meanwhile, grate cheese. Divide into three piles.

5. Wash broccoli florets and cut each into half lengthways. After the pasta has cooked for 4 minutes add prepared broccoli to pasta pot Continue to cook for a further 6 minutes.

6. Meanwhile make sauce. Put flour, margarine, milk, salt and pepper in a small pot. Using a wooden spoon, stir carefully over a low heat. When the sauce starts to bubble and thicken, remove from the heat.

7. With the pot still off the heat, stir 2/3 of the grated cheese into the sauce.

8. Drain pasta and broccoli through a sieve when ready. Place in the bottom of a tinfoil dish. Cover with the cheese sauce.

9. Mix the remaining cheese and breadcrumbs together on a plate. Sprinkle over the top of pasta.

10. Put pasta bake in oven for 5 minutes until golden brown.

11. Serve.

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