Rotary Young Chef Competition 2012

This year we held our School Heat on Tuesday 4th December. We had 5 pupils competing on the day, creating a wonderful ‘Fish Pie with a twist’. We are generously supported by Longniddry Rotary club in running this competition, with both organisation and funding, which is greatly appreciated by the Home Economics department. They also organised the judge for the event – Derek Johnstone – Executive Chef at Greywalls Hotel, Gullane. Derek was very impressed with the standard of cooking and found it very difficult to pick the eventual winner.

The winner was – Shelby Dalgliesh (S5)

With runner up – Katie Patterson (S3)

Shelby will represent the school in the next round on Friday 25th January 2013, hopefully Katie will also get an entry at this level, but spaces are dependent on the number of schools competing.


Rotary Young Chef Competition 2012

Register now for the school heat. Preston Lodge are holding the school heat of this year’s competition on tuesday 4th december at 3.45pm – 5pm in the Home Economics department. The competition is open to pupils in S3-5, they should complete a registration form (available in Home Economics) before friday 30th November. 

 All those registered will compete on tuesday 4th december. It will be judged by a local Professional Chef. The winning pupil will then represent the school at the next round of the competition on friday 25th January 2013.

Don’t delay enter now!


Hospitality Academy ‘takes off’ at Preston Lodge

Wednesday 22nd August 2012 saw 14 students start their journey with ‘East Lothian Hospitality & Tourism Academy’. The enthusiasm was wonderful to see, all keen to get started. After a brief introduction they participated in a ‘ready, steady, cook’ style canape challenge; creating some wonderful ideas. They also got measured for their new uniforms and started thinking about possible events they would hope to organise & run in the coming weeks.

Next week they are visiting the Novotel Edinburgh Park to see and hear more about the hospitality industry from those actively involved.

A selection below:-

Inspire Competition! Winning entry.

Home Economics teachers were invited by ‘Grain’ to enter this new schools competition for the chance to win £500 and a day’s baking with Paul Hollywood. 

One of the five categories was ‘Baking for Celebration Events’. Teachers were asked to submit a single lesson plan which demonstrated this in action with pupils aged 11-14years.

At Preston Lodge we have used the context -Scottish Ceilidh – to link learning between Home Economics, Physical Education and Personal & Social Education under the curricular area of Health & Wellbeing ; within Curriculum for Excellence . This topic was chosen to give the opportunity to link all areas. HE – delivers food aspect, PE – Ceilidh Dancing/Social dance, PSE- Etiquette, planning, organisation for the actual event.

The entry was the Home Economics content; where pupils chose 5 Scottish Baking recipes to make in preparation for their Ceilidh. Choices were made from Scones, potato scones, drop scones, custard creams, gypsy creams, melting moments, shortbread, and highlanders. Pupils worked in groups to create their baked products, which were then frozen in preparation for the day of the Ceilidh.

Pupils enjoyed this experience so much the department is now offering an options course to offer in S3.

Mrs Nicoll will now attend the prize giving event in London on Friday 22nd June 2012 with one of the pupils involved in the lesson from S1/2, to collect the £500 and a baking demonstration from Paul Hollywood (Great British Bake off-chef).

Final Submission for ‘Cook for the Queen’

The competition generated a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. Unfortunately we were unlucky and didn’t make it to the final. Well done once again to all involved.

‘Cook for the Queen’ – Final Canapé Recipes from Preston Lodge High School

Scots Balmoral Quiche

Scots Balmoral Quiche

100g shortcrust pastry (Homemade & chilled)

100g McKirdy’s Haggis (Port Seton)

6 button mushrooms (Monahan’s – Fenton Barns)-washed

2 organic free range eggs (Gosford Estate)

150ml milk




  1. Roll out pastry, cut into correct size circles to put in patty tray, prick with fork and bake blind for a few minutes (4/5cm in diameter)
  2. Cut up Haggis into small cubes and place in pastry cases.
  3. Slice mushrooms, dry fry to give some colour.
  4. Whisk egg, milk and seasoning together and pour over Haggis.
  5. Lay two/three slices of mushrooms on top then bake in oven at 180c till firm and golden brown.
  6. Serve 

‘Present Surprise’

Present Surprise

Black Pudding & Plum chutney filo pouches tied with local leeks

1 pkt Filo pastry

1 small Stornoway Black pudding

1 jar homemade plum chutney (made in school)

100 ml Black & Gold rapeseed oil (Stevenson Mains, Haddington)

1 small leek (East Lothian produce)



  1. Turn oven on to 200c
  2. Cook the black pudding for two minutes in the microwave
  3. Prepare leek strips to tie pouches
  4. Open out filo sheets and cut a double layer into squares, approx. 10cm sq
  5. Place a teaspoon of black pudding and ½ a teaspoon of chutney into the middle of each square. Pull sides up to make a pouch.
  6. Tie pouches with thin strips of leek and bake till golden, approx. 5-8 minutes.
  7. Serve warm.

 ‘Fishy Delicacy’

Fishy Delicacy

Belhaven Hot Smoked Trout with horseradish cream on ‘tattie’ discs 

              Make the potato scones first and cut into 4cm circles before cooking

Potato Scones


250g cooked, mashed potatoes (East Lothian Maris Piper)

12.5g butter

50g plain flour



1. Using warm mashed potatoes, mix in the butter and seasoning

2. Knead in flour to make a dough (add more if needed.

3. Roll the dough out thinly then cut into 4cm rounds and prick surface with a fork

4. Heat a heavy frying pan, brush surface with oil then cook scones, approx 1-2 mins on each side or till golden brown.

 250g hot smoked Belhaven trout

150g cracked black pepper cream cheese

50 ml horseradish cream

Small bunch of chives

5. Mix cheese and horseradish cream together, and then spread a little on each potato scone disc

6. Flake trout gently and place a little on top of each disc then a few finely chopped chives on top.

7. Serve chilled.

Sweet Canapé options 

Diamond topped Cranachan melts

Diamond topped Cranachan

Make Highland Shortbread discs first 


150g plain flour

100g butter

50g caster sugar

 1 egg – lightly beaten with a little milk

 75g Demerara sugar 

Oven Temp – 160c


  1. Cream softened butter & caster sugar till light & fluffy
  2. Gradually work in the flour till form a dough
  3. Knead slightly on the work surface
  4. Divide mixture into 3 & shape shortbread mix into long sausage shape-2-3cm in diameter
  5. Brush with ‘egg wash’ then roll in Demerara sugar
  6. Cut into 1/2cm slices & place on baking tray
  7. Bake in preheated oven till slightly coloured
  8. Remove from oven & cool on cooling rack

 For Cranachan topping            

75g porridge oats – toasted

200ml whipping cream (Yester dairies)

30ml runny honey

20ml Brammle liqueur (Scot’s Cheer, East Lothian)

400g raspberries (Belhaven fruit farm)

Keep aside 1 raspberries for top of each melt

Edible glitter

Edible clear jelly diamonds

Mint leaves 

Lightly whip cream, add toasted porridge oats, honey and liqueur, then fold in raspberries.

Spoon small quantities on top of each highlander disc, then place on a raspberry, mint leaf and clear jelly diamond. When all complete; spray lightly with edible glitter. 


 Raspberry Diamond Delights

Raspberry Diamond Delights


150g plain flour

100g butter

50g caster sugar


100g dark chocolate- melted – (Gifford Chocolate tree)

100g strawberries/raspberries ( Belhaven fruit farm)

100ml whipping cream; whipped & add 15ml icing sugar (careful not to over whip)

Icing sugar for dusting 

Oven Temp – 160c for shortbread 


  1. Cream softened butter & caster sugar till light & fluffy
  2. Gradually work in the flour till form a dough
  3. Knead slightly on the work surface
  4. Press into swiss roll tin to form a thin layer
  5. Bake till slightly coloured
  6. Cut into 2cm diamond shapes, allow to cool in tin.
  7. Put cream in piping bag and pipe into raspberries or onto shortbread to hold strawberries
  8. A little cream piped onto shortbread, place on fruit and drizzle over melted chocolate.
  9. Dust lightly with a little icing sugar. 

Gifford Bramble filo cups  

Gifford Bramble cups

1 packet filo pastry

200ml whipping cream (Yester Dairies)

75g melted butter

50ml icing sugar

200g white chocolate (Gifford Chocolate tree)

150g brambles

Dusting of icing sugar

 Oven at 180c 


  1. Cut filo pastry into circles approx. 4/5 cm diameter. Brush with melted butter. Layer two into small cup baking trays.
  2. Bake till golden brown
  3. Cool on cooling tray
  4. Melt chocolate then half fill each of the cups
  5. Whip cream, add icing sugar and fold gently. Pipe a little on top of cooled chocolate then arrange brambles on top.
  6. Dust with icing sugar

Emma wins District Rotary young chef competition

Emma Sturrock created a fantastic array of dishes to take top spot in the Rotary Young Chef District final held on Sunday at Edinburgh School of Food and Wine at Kirkliston.

Her winning menu was praised by the Judges as superb, especially the tarte au citron which was in a class of it’s own.

  •  Creamy parsnip and apple soup with chestnuts, parsnip crisps and parmesan twists

  • Sea bass en papillote with carrot, leek, ginger on crushed potatoes and a watercress puree
  • Tarte au citron with a raspberry coulis

Emma had tuition from Derek Johnstone, Executive Head Chef at Greywalls who will continue to work with her in preparation for the next round.

Emma won a beautiful trophy plus a week’s course at the Cookery school.

Emma will now take on the whole of Scotland and the North of England in the Regional competition on Sunday 18th March.

Congratulations to Emma and thanks to her parents and Longniddry and District rotary for all their support.


Shelby makes the regional Final

Shelby Dalgliesh competed in the Future chef – Central & South of Scotland Regional Final at City of Glasgow College on Wednesday 22nd February. There were nine competitors from across the region who had fought off over 600 others to make it there.

Shelby created two dishes – her main course was Pan seared wild coley with haddock & prawn chowder on a bed of crushed baby potatoes. This was followed by Vanilla & Ginger cheesecake with caramelised clementines and spun sugar.

The standard was exceptionally high, producing a wonderful array of top class dishes from the 12-16 aged competitors. The judges agreed it was a tough job deciding on the eventual winner.The winner from City of Glasgow college goes on to the National Final in London, next month.

Shelby had worked with John Paul (Executive Chef) from the Marine Hotel, North Berwick in preparation for the competition. She experienced life in a real hotel kitchen and the pressure that involves, plus the added expertise of finished presentation of her dishes.

Shelby was a fantastic ambassador for Preston Lodge, both during the competition and at the Awards Gala Dinner at the Glasgow Science Centre in the evening.

Well done on this achievement.

Celebrating National Farmhouse Breakfast Week in the Preston Lodge Cluster

In recognition of National Farmhouse Breakfast week, the Preston Lodge Cluster held a competition to design a breakfast for two people. All schools took part, producing a wonderful array of different breakfast ideas, from Primary 3’s to S3 pupils creations.

The competition was judged by Angela Leitch, Chief Executive of East lothian Council, who was amazed at the variety on offer and the cool, calm way in which the pupils worked to produce the dishes.

The winning entry was from Longniddry Primary School!

Well done to all involved. A great effort.

Hopefully by taking part it helped raise awareness of the importance of breakfast to our young people

Winning recipe

Winning combination!


Staff Christmas Cake creations

Staff have been involved in creating beautifully decorated christmas cakes over a number of weeks. Ideas have ranged from Mr Kidd’s – frozen planet to Ms Armstrong’s – hanging baubles. See the photos……………… A most enjoyable experience, bringing out those hidden talents!