National 5 Practical Cake Craft

Aims of the Course

Practical Cake craft delivers the technical and creative skills and knowledge required to allow students to competently bake, cover and decorate a range of cakes to a professional standard. Students will be introduced to a range of techniques and encouraged to consider shape, texture and colour in order to create unique cake designs.

Course Content

The course has 2 mandatory units of study:

Cake Baking

This unit allow students to practise a broad range of techniques and processes to bake a range of commercially available cakes and other bake goods.

Cake finishing

The aim of this Unit is to equip students with the ability to creatively finish cakes and other baked items. This will involve the use of a range of cake coverings and decorative finishes. The diversity in tools and equipment will allow students to be creative and experimental in their approach to practical tasks.

Course Assessment

Course assessment will take the form of a practical activity drawing on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed across the Course. The activity will require students to extend their knowledge, understanding and skills in the context of baking and finishing a cake from a design brief.

General Comments

Students will be involved in a variety of practical tasks, many developing techniques to use in their final creations. Over the course of the year they will be making approximately 4-5 cakes. In addition they will be developing skills through smaller baked items.

It offers candidates the opportunities for an integrated, hands-on skill development, with exit paths to employment or progression into further and/or Higher education.

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