Our S1 Recipe Book can be viewed or downloaded from our “HE Publications” page.

As an introduction to Home Economics S1 students study two topic areas

Let’s Cook – the aims are-

1. To understand the importance of hygiene.

2. To know how to be hygienic personally and in the kitchen

3. To know the washing up routine and the reasons for carrying them out.

4. To be aware of the potential dangers in the Home Economics rooms.

5. To understand the reasons for and to use basic safety rules in the kitchen.

6. To have an understanding of basic First Aid procedures.

7. To weigh and measure ingredients accurately using the correct equipment.

8. To prepare simple dishes safely using the correct equipment.

9. To know the main parts of the cooker.

10. To learn how to use the cooker safely using the hob, oven and grill.

11. To know the main cooking methods.

12. To understand and follow a recipe accurately to produce a dish.

13. To self evaluate final dishes and make improvements in future practical classes.

14. To work with a partner as a team during practical lessons

We Are What We Eat! – the aims are:-

  1. Be able to understand the importance of a balanced diet.
  2. Be able to understand the concept of the eatwell plate.
  3. Be able to use your knowledge of ingredients and nutrients to make informed choices.
  4. Have developed the skills required to make changes and practical decisions in changing your own diet.
  5. Understand the implications and impact of eating a poor diet on your health.
  6. Be able to interpret food labels and make appropriate choices.
  7. Be able to recognise the impact Government decisions have on us and our diet.

Students generally cook every second week, this can occasionally alter due to holidays, alternate day rotations and absence. However by the end of the year they will have made all the planned recipes.All recipes are linked to the theory & homework activities. Recipes are available in our HE publications – students are encouraged to practise at home; either in advance or after their lesson.



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