S2 Foods of the World topic

All S2 students are currently involved in their ‘Foods of the World’ topic, learning about different cultures & cuisines from around the globe. Countries visited so far include France, Italy, China & Mexico; with Germany and Spain still on the horizon.

Students will finish the year looking a little closer to home; being the ‘Scottish Year of Food & Drink’ – they will look at locally sourced ingredients; making some traditional Scottish dishes. It is particularly important that students can identify the ingredients and consider their sustainability at a time when we hear the UK will have difficulty feeding the nation from home sourced produce within the next 10-15 years.

We hope to have some local food businesses represented at our annual Careers Carousel in June this year to share their knowledge of the vast number of jobs within or linked to this industry here in Scotland.


Our S2 Recipe Book can be viewed or downloaded from our “HE Publications” page.

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