Cake Baking & Fine Dine Cookery

Course Title: Creative Cake baking & design

plus Fine Dine Cookery for Hospitality industry 

Short Course or Full Year Course: Full year – 2 periods per week. 2/3 will be Creative baking & design, 1/3 (summer term) will be Fine Dine cookery for Hospitality Industry

Course Description:

Throughout the first two terms, this course will see pupils undertake a variety of baking techniques to develop the core skills prior to carrying out a number of in-depth design projects; to create a finished cake for a particular chosen occasion. There will be opportunity to work in groups or individually to achieve a high standard.

During lessons pupils will develop a number of traditional skills to build towards a number of modern creations and use their own ideas to produce a variety of baked products. They will develop organisational skills, fine motor skills, design techniques, time keeping, and extend their food preparation skills, the science of baking and the food items involved. It will offer breadth and depth to their practical skills. It provides awareness of how constraints such as time, effort, skill level and available resources affect practical work.

Pupils will be encouraged to be creative in preparing and producing baked foods and in evaluating finished products. This will be a popular course due to the increased interest created by ‘The Great British Bake Off’ on TV. There will be a competitive element to encourage commitment and maximise benefits.

The final term will see pupils involved in demonstrations followed by practical tasks to produce a very high standard of fine dining options. This will involve external visiting chefs who will offer advice and opportunity for pupils to stretch their skills/techniques, giving great attention to detail. Pupils may be involved in competition opportunities both within and outwith school.


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