Home Economics

Home Economics as a Core subject will include the following:-

  • Introduction to nutrients learning why each nutrient is necessary for good health. 
  • Practical work will relate to nutrient sources.
  •  Introduction to individual needs of different groups and understanding range of issues, using knowledge of nutrients.
  •  Opportunity to relate learning through a project on ‘How to ensure good health’ – looking at issues such as diet, exercise, lifestyle choices and personal hygiene.
  • Using their creative skills design and make an individual Christmas cake.
  • Practical tasks to include:

Variety of cooking methods – learning different cookery methods can affect taste, texture and nutrient content

Meeting individual needs – learning how different individuals need different amounts of specific nutrients e.g. teenagers will need more carbohydrates than the elderly.

Design challenges – Themed cookery/ Christmas cake

Variety of dishes to meet desired health targets – Dishes related to each nutrient e.g. Protein – Chilli con carne

 This course will be taught 1 period per week following the cycle of  

covering theory the first week followed by the related practical the next


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