International Women’s Day

Some dates for your diary:
Storytellers are coing in to do a session on Catherine Blair and Elsie Inglis on MON 28th Feb 1-2pm.

Tues 8th March-we will be doing the demo/March over lunchtime.

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A warm welcome back to our old clubbers and a big hello to our new ones.

This year the club’s emphasis is very much on members taking the initiative and researching/presenting info on topics that interest YOU!

We kicked off this week with the Battle of Britain.

Kirsten had the idea of looking at geographical history, so we are all picking a country and giving a (brief if poss) summary of the main interesting historical facts . Let’s see how it works and take it from there.

Looking forward to it, folks!

Mrs Todd

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Press call

Please could all history club members come along to the LZ on Monday 14th June at 1pm. Look smart, we are having the press launch of the Prestongrange exhibition.

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Star Member of the Month

Lee Bryant-one of our newest members- has been a fantastic help this month. Lee went out of his way to complete work for the Prestongrange display at home. He also put in a great deal of effort at the Open Day.
Lee-you are this month’s  PLHC star.

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Ciao Clubbers
Couple of things-we need to discuss the launch of our display at Prestongrange.
-What are we going to do with the play that you guys have written? Do you still want to perform it? If so, when/where? Ideas please!
Mrs Todd

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Thanks to all the history clubbers who helped research and make our display on Italians in the Pans. It was a bit of a last minute rush but we got there in the end!
Look forward to our display going down to Prestongrange for everyone to admire!

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History Club on Monday 26th April

Dear History Clubbers

Just a reminder that we will have a special guest speaker Monday lunchtime-Jill Turnbull who is an expert on glassmaking. She will be coming to talk to us about the importance of Prestongrange and help us with our research into the multicultural past of our community.

Hope to see you all there!
Mrs T

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Italians in the Pans-Update

Hi History Clubbers

Just to say that we will be back on on Mon 26th April. In the meantime, If anyone wants to come along to my room to do some research on Prestongrange workers who originally came from another country then that is fine. You are also welcome to continue work on the MQS play .

There is a useful link on the glassworks here:


Mrs Todd

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Italians in the Pans-Help Needed!

greeng_x007e_2Hi History Club!

 I’m looking for your help again! We are doing a project for Refugee Week in June and I wondered if you would like to be involved? We are doing some research on the families who worked at Prestongrange in the past to see if any have links to other countries. We know that some glassmakers, who were originally from Venice in Italy, came to work in Prestonpans. I wondered if you could do some research on them and, if you find anything, produce a display for Prestongrange? We’re hoping to have an exhibition all about Refugee Week from 14th-25th of June so you’ve got a little while to come up with something. Maybe you could even visit Prestongrange and open the exhibition for us?

 I’ve spoken to Mrs Todd about maybe getting a worldwide expert on glassmaking in to visit you in April. Fingers crossed!

 Sarah Cowie

East Lothian Museums

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History Club Help New Museum

Next Monday the history club has been honoured to be involved in the research and planning of a new museum in Haddington.

We will be visited by Sarah Cowie (Museums Officer) who will be interviewing us on our reaction ot objects.

All members welcome in Room 2, Learning Zone

Mrs Todd

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