Ciao Clubbers
Couple of things-we need to discuss the launch of our display at Prestongrange.
-What are we going to do with the play that you guys have written? Do you still want to perform it? If so, when/where? Ideas please!
Mrs Todd

About Ms Todd

My name is Vivien Todd. I am a Support for Learning Teacher at Preston Lodge High School.
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  1. isla says:

    Heey miss not a clue to be honest i think we should do it at the p7s open night “! but i might not be there on holiday mabey ??! btw is it dress down week or what its so confusing i have drama monday and tuesday i really like drama but i reall y wanted to do yoga or m&ds !!!

  2. Ms Todd says:

    Shame about the yoga. No it is not dress down week-only for Mon and Tues then we have the 5k walk on Friday so I’m assuming it’s dress down then but you had better check!
    I am well pleased you are checking the history club website on a Sunday night! We must be sad!

    Om Shanti!
    Mrs Todd

  3. If you capture that play on video, it could soon go up here. Can you get hold of a Flip, or video camera? That way it could be not just a one-off performance, but a part of History Club’s history!

  4. isla says:

    Hehe !! that is sad !!!! I was jjust checking what was happening about history club ! btw what is happening cause we are goign in to 3rd year so is it continuing on like usual !! ??? or …

  5. Ms Todd says:

    Hi Dave
    Yes, we will record it on Flip-thanks! We have some more evidence of our workshop, however several of the members have yet to give permission to be shown on digital images…these are the things that slow everything down/scupper it totally.

    Viv Todd

  6. Ms Todd says:

    Hi Isla
    Well, at the moment I was planning on letting it continue as usual and see how much interest there may be from S1. What do you think? Would you prefer to have an older group and a junior group?

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