Press call

Please could all history club members come along to the LZ on Monday 14th June at 1pm. Look smart, we are having the press launch of the Prestongrange exhibition.

About Ms Todd

My name is Vivien Todd. I am a Support for Learning Teacher at Preston Lodge High School.
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4 Responses to Press call

  1. isla says:

    Hiyaaa will be there looking smart and historical !! LOL is it for the whole of lunch ???

  2. Ms Todd says:

    Not sure how long it will take Isla-what ever you do, don’t look historical! That may involve elbow patches and dandruff!
    See you on Monday. We may be in the library as the LZ is being used, but I will post here to let you know.
    Have a good weekend!
    Mrs Todd

  3. lee says:

    hi history clubers my name is lee bryant and i am requesting new members for the history club we now meet evry thursday lunch in mrs todds room { lz 1} please let me see you there.

    by lee bryant president of the history club.

  4. harriet says:

    hi history club a have no idea what to say so im just saying hi, for S1 & S2 is it not on wednesday

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