A warm welcome back to our old clubbers and a big hello to our new ones.

This year the club’s emphasis is very much on members taking the initiative and researching/presenting info on topics that interest YOU!

We kicked off this week with the Battle of Britain.

Kirsten had the idea of looking at geographical history, so we are all picking a country and giving a (brief if poss) summary of the main interesting historical facts . Let’s see how it works and take it from there.

Looking forward to it, folks!

Mrs Todd

About Ms Todd

My name is Vivien Todd. I am a Support for Learning Teacher at Preston Lodge High School.
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  1. lee bryant says:

    hi miss todd and history clubers that read the comments i have had a email from sarah that says that she will come and see us on the 16th thats a thursday so you better all be there

  2. lee bryant says:

    please read this

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