Heriot Watt University: Design Smash 2014

IMG_0395Congratulations to Team geography who represented us at the Heriot Watt University Design Smash. The team led by Rory Fairgrieve as captain were tasked with redesigning West Register Street, Edinburgh as part of the St James Centre redevelopment project. It was a no rules design project – where the team were asked to think about how the site might be used in the city in the future, thinking about what might the city look like in 20 or 50 years time.

The exercise encouraged them to look at the built environment – to ‘read’ it and think about how it has been shaped, as well as the challenges which we face now (e.g. climate change, the low-carbon economy and so on), and to use their imagination about how places might be used and how they might look in the future. The task mimicked some elements of the design process, e.g. analysing a space; gathering and refining ideas; presenting a design/vision.

Although they did not win they came up with some fantastic design concepts that focused on bringing light, greener areas, an aquarium, water features and designed spaces for all ages and user groups.

Well  done to everyone. Rory Fairgrieve, Craig Russell, Emma McDonald, Cameron Sharp & Jamie Ferrier.

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