2Gr1 History Homework

Complete your newspaper reports on the Battle of Little Bighorn for Thursday the 11th June.

Remember your report has to be written žfrom the point of view of either the Sioux Indians or white Americans. žMake sure your story is suitably biased! žYou should include an appropriate title and headline for your newspaper that reflects this point of view.

Success Criteria:

  • žMust explain the causes of the Battle (Long term tensions & short term factors)
  • žCover three key events of the Battle.
  • žExplain why the Americans lost – how much blame should be put on Custer?
  • žMust contain two eye-witness interviews.
  • žSuggest what the consequences of the Battle may be.
  • žMinimum of 150 words.

Use the following resources to help you:

  • www.spartacus-educational.com/WWbighorn.htm
  • www.historylearningsite.co.uk/battle_of_the_little_big_horn.htm


Mr Jessop’s S1 Class

Skara Brae assessment task – due Monday 14th January Choose one of the following:

  • A New Stone Age menu. Give details of how the ingredients were produced
  • An estate agent’s advert for a Skara Brae house. Give details of its construction and furnishing
  • An imaginative story based on the life of a New Stone Age inhabitant of Skara Brae
  • A newspaper report from 1928, when archaeologists first excavated Skara Brae. Give details of what they found.

Use notes from jotters. Further research can be done using the web links on this info sheet Skara Brae research If word processed, print it out or email it to me.

Higher History Scotland & the Era of the Great War

Everything you need to revise the Scottish topic in one place! Use the Golden Guide to help structure answers for source questions.

The Learning Objective should be used to keep track of your own learning. Revision Guides 2-5 link with each learning objective so that you can consolidate/revise your understanding of each objective.

Golden Guide

Learning Objectives

Revision Guide 1 – background

Revision Guide 2 – Scots on the Western Front

Revision Guide 3 – Domestic Impact of War Society & Culture

Revision Guide 4 – Domestic Impact of War Industry & Economy

Revision Guide 5 – Domestic Impact of War Scottish Politics