Geography is an exciting, dynamic subject. It is all about the world we live in and the way in which we interact with it.  Every time you switch on the TV you hear something about Geography – for example climate change, poverty in Africa, wind farms.  The BIG question however is are we changing the planet for the better or worse? Here at Preston Lodge High School we aim to develop your understanding of these issues that affect us daily, through investigation, group work and field work we will show you the ways in which the landscape changes through natural and human interactions and the impacts that these have.

From August 2013 we will be moving to the new National Curriculum qualifications. Standard Grade and Intermediate qualifications are being replaced by new National 3,4 or 5 qualifications. Higher and Advanced Higher course remain but have been reviewed with new units of study. In addition to these certificated courses Geography offers 2 short courses for S3 pupils to choose.

Certificated Courses

People & Society – National 4
Geography – National 4 & 5
Geography – Higher
Geography – Advanced Higher

Short Courses

Digital Geography
Field Study Skills

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