There are many reasons why we should study history.  History is a fantastic combination of all the other subjects you will study.  This is one reason why it is important.  if we study history then we will have a better understaning of other subjects too.

The main arguements for studying history are:

  1. History helps you discover how your world developed and evolved.
  2. History helps you to develop the skills you need for life.  It teaches you how to ask questions properly about what is going on.  History allows you to express your own opinions.
  3. History provides you with the skills employers are looking for.
  4. History teaches you how to think!  It teaches you how to process information.  Employers like this!
  5. Studying history can be fun- a type of time travel when you discover more about historical events and people.
  6. If you don’t study history you won’t understand the modern world we live in.
  7. History helps you to understand why there are problems there are problems in the world today.
  8. History lets you learn how and why people behaved as they did – people such as Mary, Queen of Scots, Hitler or George Bush
  9. History makes you appreciate that people in the past were just like us!

Some Useful History Sites


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