S1 Social Studies

The S1 Social studies is a course of work that includes elements of Geography, History and Modern Studies. Focusing on Scotland the course looks at

  • Where are we? (Map work and sense of place)
  • Scotland’s landscape (Shaping the land by Volcanoes, Glaciers and Weather)
  • Stereotypes – who or what is a Scot?
  • Scotland’s mixed heritage
  • Early man to the Iron Age
  • Union of the crowns
  • Power – who makes decisions for us
  • Development of laws
  • Election campaigns
  • Development of Edinburgh

Pupils are able to develop skills across all three social disciplines such as:

  • Chronology
  • Primary / Secondary sources and their differences / importance
  • Continuity & change
  • Cause and Effect
  • Questioning – bias/exaggeration
  • Links between Scottish heritage and Scottish identity
  • Influences upon Scotland and its influence on others (cultural/political/environmental)
  • Use of an Atlas
  • Identification of a range of maps and their uses
  • Investigations – conclusions, comparisons, evaluating, critical thinking
  • Ability to produce presentations in a variety of mediums

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