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Humanities is a diverse curricular area encompassing Geography, History, Modern Studies, Sociology, RME and Philosophy. As a faculty we aim to provide students with a positive learning experience where they can feel safe, respected and free to explore their interests. Throughout all courses we endeavour to utilise a range of teaching styles and provide opportunities for fieldwork, trips / visits and for external speakers to come into school.

Trips/visits include: Scottish Parliament, Dynamic Earth, Transport Museum, Peoples Palace, Bannockburn & Stirling Castle, Yorkshire Dales, Aviemore, New York and South West USA.

We are well equipped with digital media, access to PCs/Netbooks, classrooms are equipped with digital projectors and five of our eight classrooms have interactive whiteboards. We are also lucky to have a team of dedicated teachers who have a broad range of interests that help to bring topics and lessons to life. For the 2014/15 Academic year we will have ten members of staff.

Ms Sally Miller (Geography)

Ms Miller joined us in August 2012 from Musselburgh Grammar School. Before teaching she worked briefly as an Urban Planner.  She is interested in Human Geography, especially population, development and the environment. She lived in Sydney for a year and has a love of travelling, discovering new places and meeting new people from other cultures. In her spare time she loves cooking and cycling.


Ms Gillian Duthie (History) (Head of Faculty)

Ms Duthie is particularly interested in social history and historical demography. Having a keen interest in metacognition and learning styles Ms Duthie also teaches Learning to Learn and Learning to Think courses which run for S1 – S3 pupils. She was also seconded to the Learning Support department. Ms Duthie is PT Humanities on a Monday & Tuesday



Mr Alec Jessop (History)

Mr Jessop joined Preston Lodge in 2012. He is particularly interested in studying the Holocaust and the Atlantic Slave Trade. As well as history Mr Jessop also has a keen interest in rugby, playing for Melrose and helping out with the school teams.



Mrs Gayle Russell (Modern Studies)






Mr Stewart Wotherspoon (RME)








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