Writing assessments


Writing is assessed by means of a folio, consisting of 3 pieces of work produced in the course of S3 and S4. This work may be drafted and redrafted, although the final pieces must be produced under test conditions. This folio is then marked by the SQA,

It is important to spell accurately. To help you prepare you can divide your text into more manageable chunks (for examples using teach and test cards) and don’t forget to “look, cover, write and check”.

Parents/guardians can give invaluable help and support in the following ways:

· Check homework planners to see what homework has been given, and that it is completed for the due date

· Check that vocabulary has been carefully memorised, including the spelling. Test your son/daughter orally.

· Check that Writing tasks have been prepared, practised, and learned. Ask your son/daughter to rewrite their writing piece when they think they have learned this work and check against their good copy in their jotter.

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