Advanced Higher French speaking practice


Prepare a short answer for each questions for Tuesday 8th February.

1/ Que veux-tu faire après le lycée?

2/ Beaucoup de femmes donnent la priorité à leur carrières. Discute l’impact sur la vie de famille (positif et négatif).

3/ En considérant l’histoire de l’immigration en France, explique la montée des extrêmes (violence et racisme).

4/ Qui sont Les Enfants de Don Quichotte?

Advanced Higher French: rest of the homework for next week

Preparation for discussion:  Write 4 lines for the 2 questions for Monday 20th December

– Que pensez-vous de la violence  a la télé?

– La violence a-t-elle une influence néfaste sur la société?

Also, using the Internet, make a bit of research on the film “La Haine” from Mathieu Kassovitz (reaction of the public when the film came out, the success it had, social issues…).

Advanced Higher French Homework

Here’s the link to a few on line videos of the dangers linked to the use of social networks from the French programme “Envoyé Spécial”

Also, homework for Monday 20th December: Write 300 words in French about:

Certains devoilent leur vie entiere et en donnant beaucoup de details sur Facebook. Penses-tu que l’on puisse tout dire sur Facebook?

S4 French Cinema visit

On Thursday November the 4th a selection of S4 French students took part in a school visit to the cinema at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh. The film, Le scaphandre et le papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), which deals with some very challenging human relationship issues was appreciated by the majority of the pupils. Indeed, some of the pupil comments following the show were quite insightful and showed a mature appreciation and empathy towards the film’s characters. Following the film there was a discussion with a well-known Edinburgh French specialist which helped to expand on some of the themes in the film. Further discussion took part later on in class as pupils relayed some of their experience to others who had not made the trip.

The diving bell and the butterfly poster

The 25 pupils from PL represented themselves very well both at the screening and to and from the theatre and were a credit to the school. Overall the visit demonstrated a healthy appetite amongst pupils for foreign language films which help compliment the department’s work in the classroom and brings language and culture more to life. We hope as a department to keep the interest and momentum going and are able to offer more pupils the opportunity to view foreign language films as part of their learning.

Bravo à tous!!