What to do for speaking assessments

Speaking is worth 25% of the total marks for Standard Grade examination. The overall grade is based on the total score gained in Speaking assessments.

Try not to be too nervous about you speaking test: it is assessed by your class teacher and you know beforehand what the assessment will be.

When preparing remember that if you have nothing to say it is better to LIE than say nothing! MAKE IT UP!

Preparation is the key to success. Do not leave it to the last minute! To help you prepare you could make up a mind map or use “teach and test” cards as this will help you break up your speaking into more manageable chunks.

Find an example of a mind map here: Speaking assessment preparation – Mind map.

Remember to practise. Why not record it and listen to it to hear how you sound?

On the day, remember to speak in French and not to speak too quickly.

Here are some phrases that could help you not to speak English:

Vous pouvez répéter? – Can you repeat?

Je ne sais pas – I don’t know

Watch Lauren performing a French speaking test! A good example of what not to do!

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