Science Faculty

The Science faculty at Preston Lodge High School is made up of three main Science subjects:  Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  We very much see ourselves as a faculty group who work closely together, sharing our aims, values and resources.

Science Aims and Values

Science Aims and Values

The faculty consists of the following staff:

  • Dr. E.Anderson (Laboratory assistant)
  • Ms.S.Barnes (Biology specialist)
  • Mrs. E.Cargill (Physics specialist)
  • Mr. G.Evans (PT Science/Chemistry specialist)
  • Mr. R.Ferguson (Physics specialist)
  • Ms F.Grant-McDonald (Senior technician)
  • Ms. M.Graham (Biology specialist)
  • Ms. H.Henderson (Biology specialist)
  • Mr. G.Kidd (Chemistry specialist)
  • Ms. R.Pique (Physics specialist)
  • Dr. P.Robertson (Chemistry specialist)
  • Dr. K.Walling (Biology specialist)

The junior phase Science curriculum (S1-3) covers the Broad General Education (BGE) of Curriculum for Excellence. The Science experiences and outcomes are covered during core Science lessons in the junior phase.  Topics covered are:

S1 – “Cells and microbes”, “Chemical reactions”, “Ecology”, “Heat and energy”, “Light and other radiation” and “Model of matter”.

S2 – “Earth’s resources”, “Healthy body”, “Genetics and reproduction” and “Space”

S3 – “Electricity”, “Metals”, “What lives, what dies and why?” and “Is Tissue Engineering the Medicine of the future?”

In S3 of the junior phase pupils have the opportunity to specialise in a Science of their choice. This ‘focus’ Science will develop skills that are required across the three Sciences delivered using the BGE experiences and outcomes specific to that subject. Pupils are encouraged to take additional Sciences via the school’s S3 option menu.

The focus Science courses in S3 will give pupils an opportunity to find out a little more about the individual Science subjects, whilst preparing them for the senior phase and developing their Science skills (practical work, analytical thinking, processing, problem solving, etc.). These skills development courses are:

  • Drugs and alcohol (Chemistry)
  • Forensics (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Human body (Biology)
  • Beyond the Solar system (Physics)

The Senior Phase of the Science faculty (S4-6) is covered by the discrete subject sites for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Please use the links at the top of the page to find out more.

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