The third science teaser.


Those of you with a liturgical awareness will realise Sunday is Easter Sunday, a very important time of the year for Christians.

So, why are eggs egg shaped?

Small egg shaped prize for best/correct answer.

Second science teaser

Congratulations to Mrs Sanderson. Her answer was straight to the point. She obviously ‘knuckled down’ and did some research!! The gas coming out of solution in joints will show up as an arc on an x-ray. It is a method used to detect hip abnormalities in kids as well as indicating when children have been held by the arms.

Chemistry Easter Revision

April 2nd 2008

There will be revision classes for both Standard Grade and Higher Grade Chemistry held on April 2nd 2008 in the Chemistry Department.

Mr Kidd will run the revision classes for Higher and Mrs Binnie will be taking the revision classes for Standard Grade. You will have already been afforded the opportunity to sign up for these days by your teacher.

Classes will run from 10am until 2.45pm with a break for lunch.