1B1’s Fairtrade Challenge

1B1 have been promoting Fairtrade as part of their PL challenge.They now hope to work towards Preston Lodge becoming a Fairtrade school.This will require pupils from other year groups and staff getting involved over the next year. If you would be interested in this, please let Ms. Duthie know. You can find out more information here.
1B1 have set up a website and a Twitter account to encourage everyone to get involved with Fairtrade. Take a look and join us / follow us!
www.fairtradeprestonpanspl.webs.com www.twitter.com@FTPrestonpans

Medical Marvels and Creepy Closes


A group of intrepid s2s braved the December weather to take a tour of the Surgeon’s Hall museum-full of objects, samples, stories and interpretations of the history of medicine. Tony, the guide gave an intriguing hands-on (off!) guide to amputations , anaesthetics and dentistry-from Hippocrates and the Four Humours to the barbaric Barber surgeons and inventor of Listerine.


After a quick bite to eat we headed down into the depths of Mary King’s close for a claustrophic taste of life in the Old Town of Edinburgh. Katy P donated a teddy bear to ‘Wee Annie’-her ghost is said to wander the close. To prove that PL pupils’ generosity knows no bounds another one of the group donated a foosty orange she found in her bag-Wee Annie should be having the best xmas ever!


Thanks to all the S2s who behaved so well, asked probing questions and were generally a credit to the school.

S3 Pupils find Glasgow is Miles Better !!!

S3 history students enjoyed a day out along the M8 to Glasgow in a visit to several of Scotland’s most important cultural hotspots. First stop was The Riverside Museum-a reworking of the old Glasgow Transport Museum- which gave pupils a fantastic insight into the former glory days of Scottish industries like shipbuilding and car manufacturing. For those of us who are more ‘chronologically advanced’ the highlights were seeing old childhood favourites such as the ‘Chopper’ bike and cyclist Graham Obree’s ‘Old Faithful’ built from a washing machine. The striking architecture of the new building allowed stunning views along the Clyde basin encouraged us to visualise the old industrial landscape.


A short hop along the Clyde and next stop was the People’s Palace which tells the story of the city’s social history through film, artefacts, photos and computer displays. Our students were able to experience first hand the constrast between the beautiful Victorian ‘Palace’ itself and the claustrophobic nature of ‘single end’ living in Glasgow tenements. A pat on the back to PL pupils who showed how inquisitive, mature and generally great company they can be.



Student Council & Class Representatives Election Results 2011

Student Council Election Results 2011









Cameron WhiteRobyn Clark


Liam CurrieChloe Yorkston


Chloe McIntyreDillon Arthur


Louise WalkerAdam O’Donnell


Laura GibbonsJamie Halverson


Annie KerrJamie Walker




Class Representative Election Results 2011






1 go 1 no ballots1go2 Aaron Doidge

2go1 Kieran Wight

2go2 Amy Sinclair

3go1 Jack Gordon

3go2 Fraser Howie

4go1 Cameron Bryson

4go2 Samara Hunter

4go3 Vikki Blair

5go1 Liam McKenzie

6go1 no nominations

6go2 Michael Moore


1gr1 Ellie Gray1gr2 Aaron Laing

2gr1 Shelby Garrity

3gr1 Martin Duffy

3gr2 Connor McCallum

4gr1 Jake Halverson

4gr2  no nominations

4gr3 Ryan Simpson

5gr1 Jamie Halverson

5gr2 Daniel McKeown

6gr1 Ronan Hare

6gr2 no nominations


1se1 three way tie between Rebecca Sheddan, Owen Smith and Beth McDonald1se2 Rhiannon Kane

2se1 Chloe Yorkston

2 se2 Robbie Campbell

3se1 Dillon Arthur

3se2 Dean Apicella

3se3 Mark Gibson

4se1 no nominations

4se2 Adam O’Donnell

5se1Ciara Restorick

6se1 Daniel Holmes

6se2 Amanda Clarke


S3 Core RME class – 13th October 2011

S3 Boys take the lead followed by S3 girls who were tempted to join in this group meditation during a period 1 lesson on Hinduism. Pupils can be seen sitting in the lotus position and are repeating the Hindu sound “aum” that represents ultimate reality or Hindu God, Brahman. Other students can bee seen working industriously in the background completing a cartoon strip on a Creation story from Hinduism.