Losing Mr Hughes

As the year draws to an end, it is with mixed emotions for the RMPS Department. Sunny, long, lazy days are just around the corner but so too is the imminent departure of the much loved Mr Hughes. Mark Hughes has spent a year in the department and will be gravely missed. He has filled many roles during his time in Preston Lodge, from technician to artisitic director, from IT manager to interior designer and from colleague and teacher to friend. Mr Hughes is heading off round the world to experience,first hand, the religions of which he teaches. Good luck Mr Hughes, OM MANI PADME HUM (praise to the jewel in the lotus)

2 thoughts on “Losing Mr Hughes

  1. Wow, I can’t believe it has been a whole year since i started at Preston Lodge. I came to Preston Lodge scared of what to expect and I leave with a sadness in my heart. I have had some amazing experiences herefrom memorable comedy moments with Mandy Clarke to Heated Debates with Marwan Chouh, uncomparable banter with Ryan Deighan and even Style and Fashion Tips from Lisa Muirhead.

    I’m going to really miss you guys. Thanks to my wonderful S&M department for all their help this year in particulr the chief, Marion for all your support this year and Linds for all the banter, deep philosophical lunchtime discussions and for being a really good mate up in the heavens. I hope that when my successor Kate starts in August she enjoys Preston Lodge as much as I have.


  2. hi sir. we will really miss you and we want you to work here for ever but we know you can’t as you have to more on with your life. But just to say that we hope you have a nice time @ your new place but don’t forget as because we are your biggest fans and we were the frist people to get you in PL for R.E and it w3as the best.BEST TEACHER EVER!

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